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What's everyone's favorite Reaver quotes?

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User Info: SleeplessPanda

6 years ago#1
I know, almost everything that man says is gold, but it shouldn't be too hard to pick a favorite. Unless you're me . . I can't decide. Reaver kept me playing this game after I started to get irritated with it, to be honest. I kept wondering what would come out of his mouth next. :D

User Info: Dolei

6 years ago#2
"I would never dream of coming between twins!
...Well there was that one time...."

God i love Reaver

User Info: Vamphaery

6 years ago#3
Anytime he says "taddy bye!" after thoroughly frustrating us lol.

User Info: Anakerie

6 years ago#4
Can't remember exactly how he says it, but his argument for building the brothel is probably my favorite. I mean, with the other things it's simply a matter of lining his pockets, but you get the feeling that this is a very special project for him...
Reaver Industries: Work, You Miserable Peasant!

User Info: RoseOfOrlais

6 years ago#5
I spin, you die, we watch.

Oh, and "Tatty bye!" too ofc ;3 Then I also love the scene with him the first time you enter Bowerstone Industrial~

I want moar Reaver <3
Currently playing: Fable 3 <3
GT: Orlesian
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