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6 years ago#1
Some people seem to be confused on if there is still a way to dupe weapons, clothes, and even money...

There is still a very effective way you just need to be a certain points in the game...

First you need a profile that is saved at a certain quest, I use "Gone But Not Forgotten" but I know there is others that will work. You are looking for a quest that when you enter a zone, you "cannot" leave with losing all unsaved progress. Should be a message that appears something like this:

"You cannot leave 'insert quest objective here'. Go back to your quest if you wish to continue, or hold 'A' if you wish to reload your last saved game and lose all unsaved progress."

Once you have found a quest like this you are ready. Start just outside and have the person on the quest gather all the items that wish to be copied. Then enter the questing area and the game will save for you. Make sure both profiles are in the same game before you enter.

Once inside begin trading everything from profile one to profile two that you wish to be copied. once you have completed this simply "save and continue" on profile two and then leave the game or be kicked. After the second profile is safely out, have profile one leave the questing area via the zone line that wants you to hold "A".

You will exit and everything that profile one had before entering will still be on their person. When you reload profile two you should also have some presents.

There reason I use "Gone But Not Forgotten" for this is there is a Gold Door not to far from the entrance and this quest doesn't take a very long to unlock running through the story line.

Now, I can't take credit for discovering this on my own but this has worked for me thus far... I have noticed there is a problem with moving augmented weapons when doing this. I can't pin point exactly what it is but something to be cautious of, though it doesn't happen 100% of the time.

Anyway good luck to you all and I hope this make it easier for more people to get the weapons achievement, which sadly I'm still hunting for myself :D
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6 years ago#2
yeah.. I just realized that deleting the patch doesn't work either since you cannot load up any of your saves from after the patch. Good find. Would this work on a quest such as The Game? Also, which quest is the one you are describing? I don't actually know the names of any of the quests, I only remember what happens in each one.
6 years ago#3
"Gone but not forgotten" is the second ghost brothers quest.

I never tried turning back through the factory doors in The Game, but I know you can't exit the village at the beginning because of some unbreakable obstacles, so probably not.
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6 years ago#4
It's the quest dealing with Max and Sam... you first quest you have to the book of the dead buried with their mother, and this is the second quest in after that one...

The only down side to using this quest is it needs to be completed to get the achievement "Ghost Bothers". But like I said earlier it not a huge deal to get to since you can unlock the quest once you have reached Bowerstone Markets for the first time.

"The Game" if I remember correctly is the one in Bowerstone Markets that gives you 40 seals and turns you small to go into a game world... I'm not too sure if you can exit the game world by just back tracking, but if you can then there is no reason why it shouldn't work.
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6 years ago#5
Clearly I should just type faster :P
GT/PSN: Gatrie04
6 years ago#6
Or make shorter replies. :)
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6 years ago#7
having fully upgraded weapons is much more important than duping, esp with ones that take a a few hours to get to 100 like the bloodcraver

much easier to just move weapons from an old profile to the one you want using a dummy profile which just hold them and plays as a go between

but thanks for the info as it does give some a way of duping a few good weapons and using them for trading
6 years ago#8
I haven't had a chance to check but seriously hope it works, it'll make getting those last few weapons everyone seems to need that much easier.
6 years ago#9
I believe I understand how the "losing" of augments works... I has to do with moving weapons back or across chars that have already had that weapon...

So example:
Friend A dupes me a fully upgraded Dragonstomper to my female char, and I keep all the augments.
I then dupe the Dragonstomper to a local profile named "Trash" and keep all the augments.
"Trash" trades (not dupes) the Dragonstomper to another char on my profile a male char this time, and I keep all the augments.

This is good getting to keep everything and no harm done. But here is where it fails:

My female char finds a Sandgoose and upgrades 2/3 augments.
Female char dupes Sandgoose to "Trash" profile, and keeps the current augments.
"Trash" trades Sandgoose to male char on original profile, and keeps all the augments.
Male char finishes the augments for the Sandgoose.
Male char dupes Sandgoose to "Trash profile", and LOSES one augment.
Trash trades Sandgoose back to female char, and Sandgoose only has 2/3 augments. What it was before starting trades.

So I haven't been able to test it all yet, but it seems like a profile that hasn't done augments on a certain weapon cannot trade to another player have them done and then receive back with the augments complete, IF they have had the weapon before.

Another incident I had is when I tried to trade a partially upgraded Swinging Sword (2/3 augments) from someone else profile to mine. When I received the Swinging Sword, it lose the augments. However when we traded back tot he original profile all was the same. And yes I already had a Swinging Sword in my possession when I got the second one.

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6 years ago#10
I've come to that same conclusion Gatrie04.

I think the best thing to do would be to level up all the weapons using one hero, then gift them to a second newly created hero that hasn't even touched a weapon yet.

That way, in theory, when the second hero is given any additional weapons, they will always be maxed out.
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