Rant about the mercenary shooting range...

#1TheDebaucheryPosted 11/3/2011 12:47:20 PM
I've been trying to collect the Scythe Tattoo Set.
Also the Old Kingdom Tattoo Set...
Both of them by consistently getting between 400 and 445 on the Mercenary Shooting Range...

Now I'm still missing the legs for the Scythe set. Both of them. I've been trying for many hours to get them... to no avail.
HOWEVER... the gimp at the shooting range has quite gladly given me 21 copies of the Scythe Back Tattoo so far. Yes. Twenty One Scythe Back Tattoos..... and yet not a single copy of either of the legs.
Other things he seems to like giving me are Mercenary Beards (which everyone has a result of the early main quest) and Whisky Kegs (go figure).

Oh and I'm also missing the right leg and the face for the Old Kingdom set. No luck there either.

I'm on the verge of giving up. I figure if I collect together ALL the tattoos from ALL my characters through ALL playthroughs into one character.... I might at least have one of the tattoos sets in full. Possibly.... -_-;

Oh.... and I think someone has it worse than me...
... I just heard someone crying over their microphone at the shooting range. I'm not even joking. I lol'd a bit.
#2d0OmsdayPosted 11/3/2011 12:50:36 PM
LMAO at the kid crying.

Anyway make sure to warp back to the castle and get the items from the cupboard and drawer every now and then, those are rare spawns as well.
#3TheDebauchery(Topic Creator)Posted 11/3/2011 1:09:42 PM
Maybe I should go into someone else's game then get them to raid all the bookshelves in brightwall academy (including the underground parts)... That seems to get me much better loot than it gets them, for some reason.
I'd do it by tag-teaming my alt account... but controlling two characters at once is such a pain.... -_-;