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Predict the Final Two Weeks (Archived)
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Which one of these songs would you like to see as our final DLC? (Poll)
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Is the RBN stopping as well? (Archived)hackfest9103/18/2013
So where is the best place to buy a bundle? (Archived)TERRA_RYZlN33/17/2013
The Spirit of Radio, a small question. (Archived)Astaroth21113/17/2013
Tracks from Kool & The Gang, Shinedown, and Tears For Fears! (Archived)MiltoniusPrime73/15/2013
DLC Week of 3/8 - Oingo Boingo's "Weird Science" and Toto's "Rosanna"! (Archived)
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So Harmonix is stopping Dance Central 3 DLC too? (Archived)
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Why are my Road Challenge Random Setlists not really random? (Archived)graython63/15/2013
This board is going to die even more when DLC stops (Archived)Yorkshire_1493/14/2013
what if the next non-Blitz week was... (Archived)ssj5goku200543/13/2013
what would your reaction be if the final DLC was.... (Archived)Lord_kasdeya43/11/2013
Why is this not a DLC song in Rock Band? (Archived)Foxhound385743/10/2013
Getting as much songs as cheap as possible (Archived)SpaceDesperado43/8/2013
Some songs missing, any ideas (Archived)Saikred43/7/2013
There's only one song Harmonix can finish their DLC on. (Archived)
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Drummers on youtube (Archived)AllstarSniper3243/7/2013
10 Songs Left, What Are You Hoping For? (Archived)
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Reaction: The last DLC pack is by "The God of All Texas" (Archived)GamerJM23/2/2013
DLC Week of 3/1 - Blitz Singles: RHCP (w/ Pro!), AAR & Blink182 (Archived)HHH is the game63/1/2013