teaching bebe "goodbye" in japanese.

#1Mastermidget23Posted 7/23/2010 11:39:27 AM
Alright so go figure, i don't speak a lick of japanese, but i'd rather not just blindly guess what phrase I'm teaching him. Anyone know what each option says?

I'm assuming several of the phrases are uh, less than proper so a paraphrase of the direct translations probably fine. If anyone knows what they say, thanks.

Mata ne
Genki de ne
Ototoi kiyagare
Aishi temasu

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#2cj_iwakuraPosted 7/23/2010 11:40:04 AM
Mata ne, 'see you later'.

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#3Strain42Posted 7/23/2010 11:40:32 AM
well in English all I remember is you can actually teach him Sayonara or you can teach him Hasta la Vista

which he should totally know isn't Japanese >_>
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#4EnigmaGamerPosted 7/23/2010 11:41:19 AM
I was disappointed to see the choices changed.
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#5Scyther18Posted 7/23/2010 11:41:58 AM
for all i know mata ne is goodbye.. dunno about the others. genki da ne doesn't sounds like goodbye, i think it's more like 'have spirits' or something like that.. dunno about the others
#6HolyDragonFirePosted 7/23/2010 11:42:15 AM
^ You know, I picked the Hasta La Vista option for the lulz, and was expecting Bebe to scold me or something... Now I have to suppress a laugh everything Bebe says goodbye to me.
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#7Psionic_WookiePosted 7/23/2010 11:42:23 AM

l picked a wrong one (assuming there is a right one) and l was fine, though at the end he blushes and says he knew what that meant all along.
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#8WolfeyesVIIIPosted 7/23/2010 11:58:26 AM
^You probably picked Aishi teru, "I love you. I picked that for the lolz but it actually fit with the end stuff of his link.

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#9cj_iwakuraPosted 7/23/2010 12:04:10 PM
Genki da ne is roughly 'You're full of energy, aren't you?'
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#10CynrascalPosted 7/23/2010 12:07:10 PM
The third option is "Don't ever come here again!"
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