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5 years ago#1
I understand the difference between Normal and Portable but what about FES? Or whats the key differences in all 3 ?
5 years ago#2
Persona 3:FES is the complete version of Persona 3.

It includes The Journey, which is the original Persona 3, and the The Answer, which is the epilogue. The Answer is not included in Persona 3 or P3P.

Persona 3 and P3P are pretty much the same except for the new female protagonist and new social links.

If I were you, I'd get P3:FES since it includes the epilogue of the story.
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5 years ago#3
Don't forget some skills are transfered from Persona 4 and new Persona!
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5 years ago#4
Right, right. :)
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5 years ago#5

Vanilla P3:
- Male Protagonist route.
- Anime cutscenes.
- 3D character models both in and out of dungeons.

- What Vanilla P3 has, plus:
- Extra minor scenes in Male Protagonist route.
- 1 New social link (Aigis) for Male Protagonist.
- More Personae than Vanilla P3.
- New minor gameplay features.
- The Answer, an epilogue starring Aigis.
- New music only available in The Answer.
- New anime cutscenes only available in The Answer.

P3 Portable:
- Male Protagonist route.
- 3D character models ONLY inside dungeons.
- Visual novel cutscenes.
- Aigis social link.
- Female Protagonist route.
- New music and social links for Female Protagonist.
- More Personae than P3 FES.
- Cameo from P4.
- Major changes in battle mechanics.
- Still has most gameplay features found in P3 FES.
- New quests and bosses, not available in P3 FES.

5 years ago#6
Also another difference between FES and Portable is that Portable allows you to take direct control of your team mates.

FES doesn't, you can only give them the basic commands such as 'heal/support', etc.
5 years ago#7
what's the answer? is it really worth seeing? and what system is it on?
5 years ago#8
Persona 3:FES is one cd. It's for the PS2.
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5 years ago#9
do you know approx how much it costs? and is it definitely worth getting?
5 years ago#10

It usually go for lesser than $20 on eBay now. I thoroughly enjoyed both P3F and P3P, but I can't say if it's worth getting both or not.

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