Does anyone have a list of Elizabeth/Theodore requests specially for P3P?

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6 years ago#1
I want to know the changes. And which requests are all the costumes from?
playing: Persona 3 Portable (PSP) wanting: Ys Seven (PSP)
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6 years ago#2
Copy pasted and modified from Misfit119's FES FAQ.
Deanline are changed as well - a day ealrly than was in FES.

#1 // Retrieve 1 Beetle Shell
Reward: 12,000 Yen
Deadline: May 7th

#2 // Retrieve the First Old Document
Reward: Bead Chain x1
Deadline: May 7th

#3 // I'd Like to Sip a Muscle Drink
Reward: Male and Female winter clothes (was Revival Bead x3)
Deadline: N/A

#4 // Retrieve 3 Old Lanterns
Reward: Umugi Water x2 (was 31,000 Yen)
Deadline: June 6th

#5 // Retrieve the Second Old Document
Reward: Skill Card "Recarm" (was Balm of Life x1)
Deadline: June 6th

#6 // Create Jack Frost With Dia
Reward: High Cut Armor x1
Deadline: None

#7 // Retrieve 1 Lead Medal
Reward: Toy Bow x1
Deadline: None

#8 // Create Valkyrie with Tarukaja
Reward: Torn Black Cloth (Allows fusion of Pale Rider)
Deadline: None

#9 // Retrieve 5 Bronze Figurines
Reward: Sigma Drive
Deadline: July 5th

#10 // Retrieve 3 Snake Scales
Reward: 46,000 Yen
Deadline: July 5th

#11 // Retrieve the Third Old Document
Reward: 50,000 Yen (was Traesto Gem x3)
Deadline: July 5th

#12 // Retrieve 1 Google-Eyed Idol
Reward: Mitsuru's winter clothes (was Bladefist)
Deadline: None

#13 // Retrieve Shell of a Man
Reward: Male : Kitchen Knife Legend (name might be changed in English ver. 1hd swd), Female : Beam Naginata (Naginata) (was Land Badge)
Deadline: None

#14 // Retrieve 1 Steel Medal
Reward: Spiked Bat
Deadline: None

#15 // Create Oberon (Lv. 17+)
Reward: Akihiko's winter clothes (was Coin of Knight x3)
Deadline: None

#16 // Retrieve Poison (was Retrieve 1 Shadow Shard)
Reward: Balm of Life (was Scrub Brush)
Deadline: None

#17 // I'd Like Some Funky School Music
Reward: Summer clothes for both Male and Female. (was Pleiades)
Deadline: None

#18 // Retrieve 5 Relic Fragments
Reward: Land Seal (was Medical Powder x5)
Deadline: August 4th

#19 // Retrieve 3 Greasy Gears
Reward: Wand of King x2 (was 70,000 Yen)
Deadline: August 4th

#20 // Retrieve the Fourth Old Document
Reward: Skill Card "Speed up Retreat" (was Balm of Life x3)
Deadline: August 4th

#21 // Retrieve 1 Bronze Medal
Reward: Male : Steel Pipe (1h swd) Female : Lacrosse Stick (naginata)
Deadline: None

#22 // Create Vetala with Maragi
Reward: Sugar Key (allows Fusion of King Frost)
Deadline: None

#23 // Create Orthrus with Dodge Slash
Reward: Yukari's Winter clothes (was Tigerhide Belt)
Deadline: None

#24 // Retrieve Tiara's Hair x5
Reward: Precious Egg x2 (was Homunculus x3)
Deadline: September 3rd

#25 // Retrieve Knight's Reins x4
Reward: Greaves of Dawn (was Six-Shot)
Deadline: September 3rd

#26 // Retrieve the Fifth Old Document
Reward: 120,000 Yen
Deadline: September 3rd

#27 // Retrieve 1 Platinum Watch
Reward: Mitsuru's summer cloth (was Aigis Armor v.3)
Deadline: None

#28 // I'd Like a Drink That Shares My ("Sister" if you choosen Theo) Name
Reward: Junpei's summer clothes (was Aroundight)
Deadline: None

#29 // Create Oumitsunu (Lv. 33+)
Reward: Machine Core (allows Fusion of Nata-Taishi)
Deadline: None

#30 // Retrieve 1 Homunculus
Reward: Junpei's winter clothes (was Mikazuki Munechika)
Deadline: None

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6 years ago#3
#31 // Find Me a Beautiful Tile
Reward: Akihiko's summer clothes (was Berserker's Seal)
Deadline: None

#32 // Retrieve 1 Silver Medal
Reward: Bone
Deadline: None

#33 // Retrieve Empress Masks x5
Reward: Quick Pumps (was Soma x1)
Deadline: October 2nd

#34 // Retrieve 3 Golden Handguards
Reward: Bus Stop Sign (was 200,000 Yen)
Deadline: October 2nd

#35 // Retrieve the Sixth Old Document
Reward: Bead x5
Deadline: October 2nd

#36 // Create Black Frost
Reward: Baseball shirts (Ken's summer clothes) (was Wizard's Mark)
Deadline: None

#37 // Retrieve 3 Jackfrost Dolls (was Retrieve 1 Shadow Crystal)
Reward: Jack's Gloves (was Bus Stop Sign)
Deadline: None

#38 // I'd Like to Try Sushi
Reward: Scrub Brush (was Sorcerer's Mark)
Deadline: None

#39 // Retrieve 3 Gold Rings
Reward: 340,000 Yen
Deadline: November 1st

#40 // Retrieve 2 Red Armor Plates
Reward: Spirit Bracers
Deadline: November 1st

#41 // Retrieve the Seventh Old Document
Reward: Megidoraon Gem (was Soma x1)
Deadline: November 1st

#42 // Create Grimehkala
Reward: Marionette (allows Fusion of Nebiros)
Deadline: None

#43 // Create Daisoujou
Reward: Ken's winter clothes (was Space Badge)
Deadline: None

#44 // Retrieve 6 Pink Feathers
Reward: Berserker's Seal
Deadline: December 1st

#45 // Retrieve 3 Moon Tablets
Reward: Space Badge
Deadline: November 30th

#46 // Retrieve the Last Old Document
Reward: 650,000 Yen
Deadline: November 30th

#47 // Retrieve 2 Gold Medals
Reward: Rocket Punch
Deadline: None

#48 // Create Alice with Megido
Reward: Lily Petal (allows Fusion of Lilith)
Deadline: None

#49 // Retrieve 3 Sands of Time
Reward: December 30th
Deadline: Male : Heaven (1h swd) Female : Atlus Stick (naginata) (was Charon's Hammer)

#50 // Retrieve 3 Rainbow Hairs
Reward: Omega Drive
Deadline: December 30th

#51 // Create Lilith with Mabufudyne
Reward: Sacrificial Idol
Deadline: None

#52 // Create Loki (Lv. 63+)
Reward: Masakados (allows Fusion of Masakado)
Deadline: None

#53 // Retrieve 1 Bloody Button
Reward: 5,000,000 Yen
Deadline: None

#54 // Retrieve 3 Platinum Medals
Reward: Berserker's Seal (was Jack's Gloves)
Deadline: None

#55 // Defeat the Ultimate Opponent
Reward: Omnipotent Orb
Deadline: None (Access to Monad to get this quest)

#56 // I'd like to visit Paulownia Mall
Reward: Small Cheongsam (Allows fusion of Hua Po)
Deadline: May 31th
Note : Date events deadline haven't changed in P3P.

#57 // I'd like to visit Iwatdoai Station
Reward: Blue Scale (Allows fusion of Empusa)
Deadline: July 5th

#58 // I'd like to visit Naganaki Shrine
Reward: Book of Ancients (Allows fusion of Thoth)
Deadline: September 3rd

#59 // I'd like to visit Gekkoukan High
Reward: Red scarf (Allows fusion of Hell's Angel)
Deadline: November 30th

#60 // I'd like to visit your room
Reward: Rainbow Feather (Allows fusion of Kartikeya)
Deadline: None

Note : There are no longer Fusion Spell request in P3P.

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6 years ago#4
#61 // Bring me a Sengoku-Era Helm
Reward: Male : Final Armor, Female : Knee High Maid costume (was Bead Chain x5)
Deadline: None

#62 // I'd like to try Oden Juice
Reward: Aigis Maid costume (was Gale Magatama x3)
Deadline: None

#63 // Bring me food fit for a wolf
Reward: Cross Dog Suits (was Flame Magatama)
Deadline: November 30th
Note : Deadline for "bring item from friends" haven't changed.

#64 // Please go scrub the bathroom
Reward: Yukari Maid Outfit.
Deadline: None

#65 // Please go water the flowers
Reward: Mitusuru Maid Outfit.
Deadline: None

#66 // Please go feed the cat
Reward: Yukari's summer clothes (was Agility Sutra x2)
Deadline: None

#67 // Bring me a Featherman figure
Reward: Ouka Jyumoji ?? (was Frigid Magatama)
Deadline: November 30th

#68 // Bring me a Juzumaru
Reward: Skill Card "Maragi" (was Cup of Knight)
Deadline: None

#69 // Bring me an Onimaru Kunitsuna
Reward: Opal x3 (was Sword of King)
Deadline: None

#70 // Bring me a Mikazuki Munechika
Reward: Marachite x15 (was Cup of King x2)
Deadline: None

#71 // Bring me an Outenta Mitsuyo
Reward: Ruby x3 (was Wand of King x3)
Deadline: None

#72 // Bring me a Myohou Muramasa
Reward: Soma x2
Deadline: None

#73 // Bring me Pine Resin
Reward: Panic Bow (was Purifying Rice x2)
Deadline: May 7th

#74 // Bring me a Handheld Game System
Reward: Two Hand Sword (was Curse Paper x2)
Deadline: June 6th

#75 // Bring me a Triangular Sword
Reward: Keblar Vest (was Protection Sutra x2)
Deadline: June 6th

#76 // Bring me a Protein not for Pros
Reward: Grand Carnibal (gloves) (was Fierce Sutra)
Deadline: July 5th

#77 // Bring me something to wipe glasses
Reward: Amigo Poncho (was 42,000 Yen)
Deadline: July 5th

#78 // Bring me a Christmas Star
Reward: Cyber Shoes (was Megido Gem)
Deadline: July 5th

#79 // Bring me a Fruit Knife
Reward: Guillotine Axe (was Nihil Spear)
Deadline: October 2nd

#80 // Bring me Oil
Reward: Rail Gun (was Magic Mirror x3)
Deadline: October 2nd

End of list..
6 years ago#5
Thank you so much!
playing: Persona 3 Portable (PSP) wanting: Ys Seven (PSP)
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6 years ago#6
SO, if I'm playing as a female, and choose Elizabeth as my assistant, will she come back to my room for the quest?
6 years ago#7
Yes. She will come to your room no matter which gender you choose.
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6 years ago#8
Gah! Now I have no idea who to choose as my assistant!
6 years ago#9
Devil Survivor is really more of a mix of one.

Once you enter an actual battle it just becomes a normal rpg.

I might've even liked it better if it'd been more like a standard srpg. But that certainly did make it more unique.
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