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5 years ago#51
Greg "dratsab" Huffman
Greg "dratsab" Huffman
5 years ago#52
Well.. Really need help about the 6/15 in dorm. I googled the problem and found out that there's a solution. They said that I should:

1.Data Install in menu

2. Config, turn on the data install. switch off the voices

3. load your game

4. system > config > turn off voices >turn on the data install

then, the problem is fixed. my PSP is in GEN D-3 5.50

There's no problem in data installing in the menu. BUT, if i will go to the config to turn on the data install, it said that 'data install can't blah blah'

PLEASE HELP!? Im so obsessed in the game then it's just end like that?!that's so ridiculous!
5 years ago#53
This is my question can Thanatos still get created even though I'm in the New Game+?
5 years ago#54
No yuri? Someones forgetting FemC's Aigis S link, seems romantic enough to be considered yuri.
5 years ago#55
The game was awesome. I just wish that the characters would move in cut scenes like in the original persona 3
5 years ago#56

i want P4P :cry:

5 years ago#57
So it basically keeps the features of FES, adds some more, but removes the Answer, and Anime style cutscenes? I'm ok with this.

The reason I'm asking is because My PS2 decided it didn't like FES and gave up the proverbial ghost.

*Reads the Aeon social Link is still in* Awesome! :D
5 years ago#58
Hey guys i have a dire request How to fuse Kartikeya i have a 99% compendium except for him but if you need other fusion guidelines ask me Anarchy Uproar
5 years ago#59
i'm basically a noob to persona cause i just bought P3P from gamefly so is there a reason to do any of Elizabeth's request on NG+ besides for money, etc? and does anyone know which request is the Raglan T-Shirt for MC Summer Outfit Thanks!
4 years ago#60
Kartikeya - quest item
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