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StriderTuna posted...
I have a question: is there a penalty for leveling allies before their persona upgrades?

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Question: Is there a list anywhere of the items you can get from Tanaka's show? Specifically, I want to know when he sells skill cards.

TropicalBlast posted...
hey if I can't have same-sex relationship (I have female character) then if I start a new game will i carry all skills (academic, charm, courage) for the male like in new game+ ?

another question can you look in the answers forum ? no one replied to me yet : (

but anyway do i have to do balance between Tartarus and real world ? like I don't wanna end tartarus and have the real world story which makes it kinda pointless, and vise versa, like maybe I end the real world story, and i only now go to tartarus ? I want them both to be still running y'know what i mean ?

-All characteristics (Charm, Academic, and Courage) carry over into New Game +.

-Tartarus could theoretically wait for the end, but then you have no way of leveling up to fight the Full Moon bosses. Tartarus has barricades that keep you from progressing to the next level until after the following Full Moon event, so you can't really "finish" Tartarus until the end of the game.

The two (Tartarus and the real world) are meant to go hand-in-hand. Also, I'm not going to spoil anything, but since the end of the game is connected to reaching the top of Tartarus, if you wait to progress Tartarus until the end of the game, you're going to have 100+ levels of straight dungeon crawling in order to finish the game.
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Hi I am playing this version in 6th block of Tartarus and found one difference from FES,although I am not 100% sure if this isn`t just luck.

It seems that the golden shadows always drop Nihil Weapons only until you have one of each kind.
After that it will always drop Coins.If you spend a Nihil Weapon they will drop it again.

Much better than FES where I ended with various Nihil Weapons leftover and almost never got a coin from the golden shadows the whole game,selling the coins helps a lot in making money.
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help me persona compendium,, I want to 100%,, but why do I only get up to 99%,, what should I do,, please tell me
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wsativa007 posted...
help me persona compendium,, I want to 100%,, but why do I only get up to 99%,, what should I do,, please tell me

you need to max all social links in one play thru to be able to fuse orpheus telos ( i think that is its name) i also think that it takes 12 personas to fuse it
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