Aigis Social Link?

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User Info: ManjoumeThunder

6 years ago#1
How do I start it? Also, can you date Aigis on the FMC? Because I heard she is a complete lesbian, lol.
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User Info: ZanarkandZ

6 years ago#2
You can only start it after the new year I think. And yeah her Social Link is the same for both MC and FeMC. She was always saying to my FeMC I love you, I don't want to lose you, etc... oh and in the end I had to touch her circuit, her most sensible part....also she said that I shouldn't mind if she moans or do some weird noises.

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User Info: ManjoumeThunder

6 years ago#3
So you can have a yuri relationship with her?
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User Info: minato_ookami

6 years ago#4
i guess he was just kiddin'
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User Info: Mystery_Cooper

6 years ago#5

From: minato_ookami | #004
i guess he was just kiddin'

Uh... He's not. It's pretty much the exact same thing.

But it's not really a relationship, I'd say.
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User Info: Kingkiel

6 years ago#6
Friends with benefits is what it sounds like to me.
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User Info: ManjoumeThunder

6 years ago#7
Friends with benefits works for me. :P Although I'd prefer Mitsuru.
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