Wow I failed my MC Max S-link Run Badly...

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6 years ago#1
Its January 10 and I still got about 24 S-Link white bar things left...Waste of 25 hours...Anyone got a guide that doesen't have to be a NEW game? Like one for NG+?
6 years ago#2
I haven't played P3P, but if you're playing New Game + I would imagine that it'd be extremely easy to max your social links. It was in P4, at least.
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6 years ago#3
Maxing S. Links in P4 was inherently easier than it is in P3, however with max social stats it's not terribly hard if you know what you're doing.
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6 years ago#4
Thats what I thought, I litteraly did a Social Link EVERY day, no lie. and I ended up short...Can't belive it, I even had the matching persona's each wtef...
6 years ago#5
I'm guessing FeMC will be my next playthrough since 4 of them are automatic...
6 years ago#6
well if you dont need the stats and just the S.Links then really all i think you need to do is focus on School S.Links over other links and do the other links only when school is closed since its closed quite a bit....not to mention the night S.Links should be a piece of cake since you dont have to worry about stats....what else could you do at night besides tartarus
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6 years ago#7
Yeah I regret doing Moon and Herio during school, I had like 10 days off in a row during the christmas break...I was so mad...
6 years ago#8
The thing that could most potentially hurt you the most would be doing non-school links over School links. Which sadly also includes all the girls if your on the Male side.

I remember doing that in my very first runof Vanilla P3 and i ended up with nothing to do over Summer vacation.

You shouldnt need a guide though if you start the game off with max social stats and New game + carried over data.

The only reason you need to micro-manage everything on the first playthrough is because you have to factor in actually increasing social stats.
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6 years ago#9
At least I still have my New game Cycle save, guess i'll choose FeMC and be smarter about it this is pathetic, waste of time...
6 years ago#10
It's just so many S-links in so little time I mean god...Wasted most of my time with getting the star s-link during school...that might have been the problem...
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  3. Wow I failed my MC Max S-link Run Badly...

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