*Spoilers* Female MC see all the scenes for each "lover" >_>;

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on the male side it was quite easy to see all the "lover" scenes by saving before the days you would have a choice on who to go out with. which as far as i know are the summer festival, christmas date and the rooftop ending scene.
so my 3rd playthrough is with Female MC just for the social links
on the female side though you can't have multiple "lovers"...
so how would i see each different lover route, cause once you get one "lover" you can't change it...
and that guy would show up in all the date scenes etc. and the ending would show them at the end right?
so what would be an easier way to see the different "lover scenes" without playing the WHOLE game again?
i'm thinking of saving RIGHT before triggering anyone's "love route" play the rest of the playthrough to see all the scenes. then reload back and choose another lover.
is this the best way to see every lover scene?
thankfully there's only THREE lovers on the female side, or else this would take WEEKS (i don't have time to play this all day thanks to real life etc.)
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You can have multiple lovers on any side. Nothing stopping you from being a pimp, da ze.

I guess just save before seeing those events and choose different people.
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huh? the female MC can have multiple also? O-o; I kept seeing a lot of people saying she can only get one lover and after that the option won't appear for the other two guys?
just to be clear i'm talking about the "stay friends/be lovers" option... for akihiko/shinjiro/ken...
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Nothing stops you.

It's just that it's a double standard psychologically.

I felt like the MC was a bit of a whore myself though, I don't think I think like people do
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In truth, the main character, male or female, is a horrible person. He/She doesn't give a **** about anyone, but they'll pretend to

I don't know that I'd say they do it just for the social links, but in their ability to be so stoic in a social setting, they would just be wheeling and dealing. No real care for anyone, not even the lovers.

I always joked around with my girlfriend about the idea of the MaMC getting all his girlfriends pregnant because he just expected to die after the final battle, but then when he found out he survived he started sweating bullets each day.

March 5th was a welcome release to him.

Anyways, yea, I had all four guys as lovers as a FeMC (Shinji, Aki, Ryoji, and Ken),
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huh? the female MC can have multiple also? O-o; I kept seeing a lot of people saying she can only get one lover and after that the option won't appear for the other two guys?

No, you can have all three as lovers at the same time. But Shinjiro doesn't really count, since by the time you get to that stage, you only have one day left with him before he dies/goes into a coma.

You can only go with Ken or Akihiko at Christmas. Or Yukari and Fuuka, if you don't want to go with the guys.

On the New Game Plus ending, you'll get the option to spend your last moments with anyone you're lovers with. It'll prompt you with 'you hear the voice of someone special to you' and you'll be able to choose who it is.
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oh so it's like the male MC special ending with the list of names?