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Is there an artificial time limit in this game like p4? (Archived)jeffrey80247/7/2010
how often should i leave tartarus (Archived)gothicjoeevil27/7/2010
What difficulty will you start off with? (Archived)
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so im tryna figure out..... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
I got that blasted hat and.... (Archived)
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Paying for healing... (Archived)
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Bought the Digital Copy from PSN... My PSP GO has meaning now! (Archived)SamuraiBunny99947/6/2010
yeahhh the wait has finally ended (Archived)minato_ookami27/6/2010
Just grabbed the psp version from PSN...give a noob some advice? (Archived)tru_DeadlyAnGeL37/6/2010
So I went to pick up my hat today (Archived)
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Available on PSN..... Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 Portable. Gotta look in S's (Archived)SamuraiBunny99917/6/2010
Where does Elizabeth... (Archived)
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Can you choose different main characters? (Archived)SkimGuy87/6/2010
what the???????!!!!!!!!!!!!............ (Archived)
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i made the $40 plunge, i hope i like it. NOOB tips welcome (Archived)
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Available on PSN...? (Archived)
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how do you get the hat? (Archived)0-taku67/6/2010
Anxiously awaiting Persona 3 again for the 3rd time. (Archived)Fujean107/6/2010
lol i already ran into a part where they didn't bother to re-record the dialogue (Archived)ElenaFisher77/6/2010
What day does the Akihiko SL start? And what level charm do I need? (Archived)Becca27/6/2010
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