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7 years ago#1
So I'm on this tight budget for the next week and a half (I blame the ps3 and it's first party titles in oct) but anyway, I love point and click games and while I want sam and max season 2, I don't have 20 to drop on it.

However, I want to go see Paranormal Activities. But I figure the $10 in gas to see it + the $7 ticket price and my requirements of Starbucks (4.25) would easily equal up to the price of A&P (well, excluding the gas but that's just a bonus that I save gas lol).

But there's another thing. I bought Secret of Monkey Island on release day and hate it. I haven't even beaten that yet because it's so poorly done (menu system is ass and it just isn't funny). Do the controls work well on this game?

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7 years ago#2
Well what was your opinion of the trial as the full game isn't that long. i would say save your money.
7 years ago#3

I actually loved monkey island. This game is fun though. Story is fun but sort of short, but it has some mini games to keep you going.

7 years ago#4

I loved both Axel and Pixel and Monkey Island. If you enjoy the demo of A+P, buy it. Keep in mind that 90% of it can be accomplished (story and most achieves) in a day.

7 years ago#5
It's a decent and charming game but is short and rather extremely easy. Sam & Max is probably a better choice but it is twice the price so i understand maybe not wanting to shell out that much. Try the demo though. The difficulty doesn't really go up much from there (depending on how you see the mini-games, which I personally hate)
Money no object I would say sam & Max is a better choice as it is better value and much more entertaining. I would personally say that short of whoring the achievements off axel&pixel it probably won't hold any replay value.. You could always not buy it at all :P
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