How do I reach this level?(scene)

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4 years ago#1
Hey I found this screenshot :

I have finished the game but I didn't reach there.... How can I get there? :D
4 years ago#2
Replayed the game the second time and didn't found anything
4 years ago#3
Or this level
4 years ago#4
Just found out that the second screen is from Deponia 2 (Chaos on Deponia) but the first one doesn't seem so... :-??
4 years ago#5
Yay talking alone... so much fun ^^
4 years ago#6
Keep in mind that the image was posted in 2009 (long before the game was released) and that promotional scenes released by developers do not always end up in the final version of the game

It can also be seen that some of the other images are not quite the same as the locations that appear in the game (indicating that they're from an early version)
Deponia Illustrated Walkthrough
4 years ago#7
The location in question (probably originally intended for the first game) appears in the second game although quite a few changes have been made to the room
Hershel Layton's Crypt (Cryptic Puzzles)
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  3. How do I reach this level?(scene)

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