This or WaW Zombies?

#1lolwut8289Posted 1/24/2010 12:31:13 PM
I know there is a difference. But I love both but only have $10
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#2ZaoPosted 1/24/2010 12:42:05 PM
If you can only get one, then get this for the depth.

Only situation I'd get Zombies would be if you had three other friends that would play it with you. It's only one map so far.
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#3Zoidberg1818Posted 1/25/2010 3:03:05 PM
ive played the zombies lite and the controls SUCK. Also it only has one map
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#4NarutimatehaPosted 1/27/2010 7:27:05 PM
if you hang with friends who have the game, get zombie
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#5pichard2000Posted 1/31/2010 2:08:57 PM
The double stick controls on zombies is pretty good. If you want an actual game get this. If you want a game to popout and play for a few minutes and put it away get zombies.
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#6wiiowns7Posted 1/31/2010 6:34:48 PM
Neither, get N.O.V.A.
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#7DA_BEST_POSTERPosted 1/31/2010 9:08:28 PM
i have both you should get a job
#8Blakem0n92Posted 2/2/2010 6:20:58 PM
Or jailbreak
#9fenrirhellfirePosted 2/3/2010 11:13:13 AM
#10TooTinyManPosted 2/6/2010 4:53:10 PM
Get this. I have played WaW Zombies, which is pretty good, but this is way better.