Problem syncing the game to my ipod touch 2G

#1xplay666Posted 2/12/2010 11:31:47 PM

So every time I check gta chinatown wars to sync, hit apply, it doesn't work. It shows it updating it for only a second and then nothing. It says the "sync is complete" but the box gets unchecked and it doesn't show up on my ipod. I have 1.5GBs of space availavle so that shouldn't be the issue. Anyone know why there's a problem or how I can fix it?

Thanks to anyone who can help!

#2bluetooth718Posted 2/20/2010 1:34:46 PM
try to re-install the itunes and/or reboot your iphone. or you could also try to download same app from appstpre (if you have wifi). it should be free since you already bought it once.
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#3MasterOfGames57Posted 2/21/2010 1:50:00 PM
You need the iPod 3.1 software update. I was having trouble with this too.
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