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User Info: StJimmy77

7 years ago#1
I don't know if this is normal, but i recently passed gow1 and started gow2.
But i wanted to go back to gow1 and every time i try to load it , it brings me back to the ps3 menu.
What happened? Gow 2 works fine but now the other one doesn't
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User Info: tendo_san

7 years ago#2
Darn that really sucks. It sounds to me like a game utility problem, but I just looked on my PS3, and unlike most (all?) PS3 disk games GoW collection does not leave an individual file under game data utilities. the only thing I can think of to fix this would be to delete your game save folder for GoW 1 and just restart it, and if that doesn't work you may have to reformat your PS3 because there is definitely a software problem there
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