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3 years ago#1
I am having a problem figuring this one out, so if anyone can help I would appreciate it. I have recently noticed my lvl 6 Arti is getting Sneak Attacks on things preoccupied with my Iron Defender. Never at range, only when we are almost on top of each other. Thus far, I am seeing about 13-20 Sneak Attack damage popping up on the Battle Chat and on the damage above their heads.

First off, I have not taken any feats or enhancements that knowingly give me this unless Point Blank or Battle Engineer give it without stating it.

Secondly, none of my equipment gives this as a bonus, I have checked everything.

Thirdly, my Defender is built as an Intimipup. No Bluff taken at all.

Once, it was wierd and I checked everything. Twice and I checked everything again. It's happened about six times so far tonight that I have actually noticed. Can someone explain what is going on? If it is something I can work on and make stronger I would like to know what it is.
3 years ago#2
Are you sure none of your equipment has "Sneak Attack Bonus"? It could be Deception, but I don't think that allows non-Rogues to get Sneaks.

Are you absolutely sure your Iron Defense has no Enhancements that would allow it to Sneak Attack? Does its Docent or Collar have anything on them?

Do you have a level of Rogue?

EDIT: Also, the reason you have to be "almost on top of them" is because the maximum distance for a ranged Sneak Attack is 15 feet.

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