Official Leaderboards Thread

#1inviso87Posted 4/21/2011 12:53:04 PM

In that topic, you will see the Top 3 for each platform and an Overall Top 3 for both Sonic and Super Sonic AND both Time Attack and Score Attack.

Currently though, it is outdated. I do not own the game for the Wii thus making me unable to check the top 10s to properly update that section. My updater for that section has vanished from the forums (or at least the S4E1 section of the forums) so now I need your help.

At least one person needs to write down the top 3 times and Mii names of those 3 people. I know on the Wii there are a lot of hackers so pay attention to what times are there for the Xbox, PS3, and iOS. If a time that is 20 seconds faster than any other is on the top 10, then it is clearly hacked.

Is there anyone willing to help out with this? I just updated the Xbox portion and got a PM with the iOS portion.

Plus, this is much easier for the Wii since there is no Score Attack or split between Sonic and Super you have significantly less work to do!
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