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This vs sonic advance 3 (Archived)360pages61/1/2011
What if sonic 4 physics apply in real life? (Archived)
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Honestly, I thought this was a lot better than Sonic Colors. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
It doesnt fit (Archived)ertfert312/27/2010
finally got this (Archived)pancakegr8312/27/2010
How many blocks dose it take? (Archived)megamannerd312/25/2010
I would've liked the music better if they orchestrated it all. (Archived)ShadowL64912/24/2010
I actually don't have a complaint about the physics of the game. (Archived)talesfan215412/21/2010
Sega blew an opportunity to put all of Sonic 4 on a disk... (Archived)
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Sonic Fan Boys: (Archived)
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what do I do? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Not quite so long ago... (Archived)NuclearNerd412/10/2010
Hardest Zone in a Sonic game (Archived)1000redips512/10/2010
How is this compared to Colors? (Archived)
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Finally i did it i got super sonic! (Archived)tremain07611/29/2010
100% Game Save (Archived)sonic_92_rocks511/28/2010
Finally done, Um...What did I think? (Archived)bobpantsfan611/22/2010
Why can't I go straight to E.G.G. Station after beating Mad Gear? (Archived)Knuckles07811/22/2010
Location (Archived)edward18411/21/2010
What's the deal with Chaos Emeralds in this game? (Archived)LDK_Vergil211/21/2010
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