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The Final Boss *Possible Spoilers* (Archived)lethaljason2210/24/2010
Is this game any different to the PS3 / 360 Version? (Archived)lethaljason2210/24/2010
Question about emeralds (Archived)lethaljason2410/24/2010
DIdn't that IGN guy say that the last boss was way too hard?? (Archived)
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Sonic 4 Episode 1 Reaction... (Archived)Haahahaha410/23/2010
Tips for collecting Chaos Emeralds? (Archived)Highpitchsolo510/23/2010
The credits reveal how new Sonic Team went back to platforming at high speed. (Archived)SuperShadowAce110/23/2010
Do we know how well this sold? (Archived)JCvgluvr110/22/2010
I know why the physics seem second nature to me! (Archived)
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I have never played a Sonic game, where should I start? (Archived)
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I hope Episode two lets you get Ultra Sonic if you have Super in this game. (Archived)SuperShadowAce910/22/2010
The controls are the downfall of this game. (Archived)
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Mecha Sonic4410/22/2010
Stupid hackers are already on the leaderboards... (Archived)xoftheuniverse710/22/2010
Chaos emeralds? (Archived)frogman_295410/22/2010
Eurogamer.net Sonic 4 Review (Archived)dhowerter1010/22/2010
For those of you who think Episode 1 costs too much... (Archived)
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Sonic 4 IGN Video Review! (Archived)dhowerter310/21/2010
Infinite Jackpots (Archived)burlyganondorf310/21/2010
Hm. Thinking about a Genesis fan-rom of Sonic4 using Sonic3K's engine. (Archived)Nano Kitsune710/21/2010
final boss tips (Archived)frogman_295710/21/2010
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