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post your leaderboard scores HERE (Archived)Guitarist_4_Him310/21/2010
How is this game by Sonic Advance standards? (Archived)
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How the **** do you jump off the swinging vines? (Archived)Highpitchsolo210/20/2010
How many hits does the last boss take? (Archived)Solid Sonic710/20/2010
Does anyone know if You can use the classic controller on this game (Archived)GregPSP26210/20/2010
Anyone else disappointed that this didn't happen... (Archived)IcyWind14210/20/2010
Well... *spoilers* (Archived)StrawberryFthrZ510/20/2010
As a non-experienced Sonic fan (Archived)frogman_295310/20/2010
Sign here if you want the ORIGINAL Sonic Team back on the job (Archived)TheGreatDebate610/20/2010
Difference between score/time attack? (Archived)MetaKnightWolf710/20/2010
rank the 2D sonic games (Archived)chstar1010/20/2010
Which levels contain which Special Stages? (Archived)Thegreekweezel410/20/2010
Secret ending *spoilers* (Archived)kazejutsu710/20/2010
The micro review topic. (Archived)SuperShadowAce210/19/2010
Special Stage 7... RAAAAAAAAAAAAGE (Archived)
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This game: good or bad? (Archived)reignofkain710/19/2010
I'm a longtime fan of the classics yet I'm not really bothered by the physics. (Archived)STN79910/19/2010
I just beat Sonic 1-3&K for the first time. I feel sorry for Sonic fans. (Archived)
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I bet if Eggman didn't outrun Sonic in Sonic 2 and S3&K... (Archived)
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I'm a bit confused about the Chaos Emeralds (Archived)legendofganon510/19/2010
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