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For thosew who criticize the music... (Archived)
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download help (Archived)Yamato_san510/17/2010
Got the untouchable achievement today. (Archived)zelgamerguy210/17/2010
So this game is the same as the leaked beta? (Archived)DarkZV2Beta510/17/2010
How cut down is this version? (Archived)SuperShadowAce610/17/2010
I bet if they released a mediocre Sonic game and called it Sonic 4... (Archived)ELmido310/17/2010
Sonic has defeated: THE BOSS (Archived)Nano Kitsune210/17/2010
How do I beat the Last Boss? (Archived)EdMurphy4Ridler410/17/2010
Sonic 4 is undoubtedly the greatest retro gaming experience of this gen (Archived)
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I prefer Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine to this game (Archived)
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my bigest issue with S4E1 (Archived)supermegachaos210/17/2010
Huh!? No way...he didn't..? (Archived)Rachenar310/17/2010
after mad gear zone(spoilers) (Archived)fzeroman13810/17/2010
Even after you got all the Emeralds, the stages you got Emeralds on stay. (Archived)Nano Kitsune410/17/2010
Am i the only one who thinks they made the grass upside down? (Archived)R9RO610/17/2010
FAQs Writing (Archived)Angnix110/17/2010
Is this game really that horrible? (Archived)Metroid_910/17/2010
Video Walkthrough (Archived)silverwings211010/17/2010
What is with Sonic's expression on the title screen? (Archived)Aaron20b710/17/2010
Well, I'll be. (Archived)EliDirkx98510/16/2010
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