Sad how the iPhone gets this and not the Wii.

#1TheLegendofDevPosted 11/2/2009 9:47:52 PM
Tsk, Nintendo.
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#2GaryOak85Posted 11/2/2009 11:30:50 PM
And how is that Nintendo's fault?
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#3FFI3_LightningPosted 11/3/2009 7:57:13 AM
The wii is worse than the Iphone?
#4mangler222Posted 11/4/2009 4:07:07 PM
^It actually seems to be moving in that direction.
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#5weepulizationPosted 11/4/2009 8:47:47 PM
yea that is severely messed up, they made this for the iphone and not the wii
#6leonus11Posted 11/5/2009 2:24:13 PM
messed up, yes but not a surprise. with the way DEVS treat the Wii i'm not surprised the iPhone/iPod got this game. seriously they complain about how weak the system is yet systems like the PSP, iPhone (in this example), PS2 and DS get TONS more games then the Wii even though they are weaker then the Wii.
#7grimmjowespadaPosted 11/6/2009 10:56:49 AM
^Cuz they're portable and therefore more comfortable.
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#8cloudstrife602Posted 11/6/2009 9:17:27 PM
its completely nintendos fault. the lack of a decent controller to use for ported games is the main issue... even twilight princess wasnt that comfortable on the wii.... i got sick of shaking my hand to swing the sword... it only helped when using arrows and stuff... and to be honest.... the motion stuff on the wii is very subpar. they could have done it way better but they didnt... (main issue being sensor bar not being a sensor... that would have fixed half the issues i have with it)
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#9leonus11Posted 11/7/2009 6:36:31 AM
"^Cuz they're portable and therefore more comfortable."

that's a nice excuse. try to come up with a nicer one for me ok? thanks!
#10Grotesque_deathPosted 11/8/2009 2:15:16 PM
because wii is a cheap, crap gimmick directed completely and utterly towards children. go to the wii section at any store, kiddie games galore from left to right, top to bottom. HUGE mistake narrowing their audience like that