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Are there any alternate bosses/stages? (Archived)malachite125212/28/2009
In a weird way I sorta liked the original GB game. (Archived)STN79612/28/2009
Just finished the game. My thoughts. (Archived)MARl0512/28/2009
Rank the Metroidvanias. (A bit off topic, I know) (Archived)
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lol description (Archived)Zero_Saber_X212/28/2009
It's up! Start your downloading! (Archived)MARl0312/28/2009
Does this have coop? (Archived)Mewpoo312/21/2009
I need this game (Archived)THE_UNBORN712/20/2009
Just beat the game. (Archived)Dmess85112/19/2009
Rate the classic Castlevania games (Archived)
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Square-Enix needs to buy out Konami. (Archived)
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Yusuke Urameshi3512/16/2009
On the topic of remakes. (Archived)
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No Saves? (Archived)
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So is this game just a remake of Castlevania Adventure for Gameboy? (Archived)
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Which style of Castlevania is this one? (Archived)link3015312/10/2009
I'm hoping this leads to Castlevania: Belmont's Revenge ReBirth. (Archived)GradyHoover712/9/2009
How are the controls with just the Wiimote? (Archived)ContraWars312/9/2009
Come on Konami... (Archived)Tenshi No Shi612/8/2009
what music is mid-boss from? (Archived)Mad_Doctor_04212/4/2009
looks like they didn't bother to update the gameplay :( (Archived)
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