Own The Lot Campus Entrance Footplant to Grind

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6 years ago#1
Anyone done this? Are they talking about No Comply to Grind? Or are you somehow supposed to do the lip trick footplant and then grind immediately after or something?
6 years ago#2
just a boneless type ollie onto a ledge
6 years ago#3
Check the trick book before you come crying
6 years ago#4
For the record, I did check the trick book, and the only thing I found that said Footplant was a Lip trick performed by pressing RB and X at the top of a lip. This is not the trick they were looking for and you can not do a grind after this trick.

I did figure it out though. It's not in the trick book, but to do a footplant the way that the want you to, skate on a flat surface ollie and hold RT and X until you hit the ground. You will put your foot on the ground and then jump back on your board. Do this near a grindable surface during the own the lot activity and you will complete what they are looking for.
6 years ago#5
That is in the trick book but that other poster's response was still unnecessarily rude....
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