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6 years ago#1
on the skate.ea grapics creator can u import images and if so how do u do it?
6 years ago#2
import images to the game? If so...then go ahead and create whatever you want. And then when your creating it..on the bottom right of the editor, hit save. Then go back to the screen where you can see all your created images. I think if you click the image you want to import, hit publish. Then you get to name it and then hit publish to game ..or send to game. one of those lol. Make sure your game and EA user are linked. Then hit yes again to send it to the game. Ok..once in game, it takes a few minutes, but it will send it.

...Now in the game, go to edit your character, and select either a hat, or shirt, or tattoo, or board and hit the custom one which is right next to the big X or whatever item you had selected before. This don't pick the pro logos, but the first one at the top. Then go all the way down to the bottom and you should see custom logo 1..or something like that. Its much easier than it sounds lol. I really hope that helps.
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6 years ago#3
i think he means import images that u get online into the creator
6 years ago#4
yeah on the creator
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