List of Confirmed Chaos Units

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7 years ago#1
List of Confirmed Chaos Units(from pc gamer mag to pc zone mag),

Neutral Units

* Chaos Space Marines
* Chaos Terminator Lord
* Chaos Predator
* Chaos Terminators
* Chaos Dreadnought
* Chaos Sorcerer - Not confirmed but most likely in chaos rising cause he does seem to appear on the box cover.

Khrone Units

* Juggernaut/Blood crusher
* Chaos Flesh Hounds

Nurgle Units

* Possibly Nurlge Demons/mutants or Chaos Spawn
* Plague Marines

7 years ago#2
Is this for multi-player? If so, I wonder how the terminator lord's wargear will work? I ask because last time I checked, terminator armor was a tier three upgrade to the Space Marine commander.
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7 years ago#3
Aren't Havoc squads pretty much confirmed too ?
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7 years ago#4
Yes Havoc is also confirmed(I forgot to mention it), but that unit may only be for sp camp, I am hoping for that.
7 years ago#5
More Slaanesh damn it! Or are they so afraid of the daemonettes when they've already thrown in half-naked SoBs in DoW1?
7 years ago#6
There's got to be a daemon prince in there. They really help set Chaos apart from the regular lame marines.
7 years ago#7

No Raptors, no Bikes, no Chosen, no Daemon Marines. . . . .

This is not looking so great all of a sudden.

7 years ago#8
No Raptors, no Bikes, no Chosen, no Daemon Marines. . . . .

This is not looking so great all of a sudden.

Games gonna be out in what, 2010?

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7 years ago#9

Well gamespot says that the game will be released in Q2 2009. . . so apparently it's late by a few months :D

And I just think that they should FINISH the races that are already in the game, and make them well. And do the factions WELL and have ALL the units.

7 years ago#10

Doesn't the video show daemon bloodletters in one of the scenes?

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