Dawn of War 2: Chaos Rising Intro Crash Fix

#1BiOHatEPosted 3/12/2010 7:39:20 PM
I Worked out a fix for my crash which happened after the Cinematic at the loading screen. I run Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit / 3gb Ram / Intel core 2 duo CPU T9300 @ 2.50Ghz 2.50Ghz / Nvidia Geoforce 8600M GT (its a laptop/notebook display driver)

I did a number of things people suggested
1. Changed Anti-aliasing on my Nvidia 3d settings to application controlled.
2. disabled family protection with start/run/services.msc
3. control panel/add-remove programs/ uninstall Windows live essentials/continue/family protection uninstalled.
4. went into steamapps/dow2/renamed DOW2.module **pre mods could screw up the game**
5. right click DOW2.exe /properties/compatibility/windows vista service pack 2/ also check run as administrator box.
6. opened steam/dow2 chaos rising properties/local files/verify integrity of cache to add a new DOW2.module

The 2 biggest things that made the change was prob the removal of Family protection and the replacement of the Dow2.module. But this is all the things i did to make it stop crashing.

It took me over 3 hrs of frustration because there was no Configuration.lau file in my documents/my games/dow2/settings.
If you have the file people suggest opening the file with notepad and changing anti aliasing to 0

Can i get a hail to the chief?