Yakuza 4 - Kuro Edition ... but not for US/EU !?!?

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5 years ago#1

hey guys

i found this while i was on Sega yakuza's forum


only for germany ?!?!!?

wtf Sega !? i want that bad as* steel cover art!! and the uncut stuff !!

hope this is not only for germany, and that this steel coverart gets to be released in US/EU :(

5 years ago#2
The Australian site for GAME has a "Shiro Edition" for pre-order, which seems to be pretty much the same thing except with a white steel book case. That's the version I'm going to get.

I'm sure that there will be one for the US and parts of Europe other than Germany. It would be ridiculous for there not to be.
5 years ago#3
im really nervous about this ... shiro version .. Kuro version and what's next ?!
this is really getting too much for me .. i dont know what version to buy ... by the way, Kuro version has GERMAN SUBTITLES for sure right ?!
if thats so then im glad ... im just getting the Shiro edition with ease... unless there's another version .. IM GONNA CRY D: i just dont know what to do
5 years ago#4

I hope these are the only 2 versions

Kuro for PAL and Shiro for NTSC

more of them would make me blow up ...

5 years ago#5

There is an article about Shiro and Kuro Edition in examiner website.


5 years ago#6
Thanks for the links. ^ There is still some time before the US launch date, and if that doesn't include the bonuses I'm likely to import one of the EU versions.
5 years ago#7
Kuro Edition is available for pre-order on the GAME website now. Also comes with some DLC, featuring costumes, Boss Fights and Survival Mode.
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