(Spoiler ) Can't beat amon!!

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User Info: dark_hollow

6 years ago#1
Well as you know there are 4 amons for each character

1st one was alright, Big problem is the 2nd one where I'm saejima and the guy with the hammer keeps healing, i grabbed for and kicked for like an hour, any other way, I hate to imagine what the last 2 amons will be like

User Info: cml64

6 years ago#2

This vid might help.

User Info: philipsvega

6 years ago#3

User Info: MikeTheDragon81

6 years ago#4
Yeah the second amon was a pain in the ass. Just grab and charge triangle until you're able to heat action.

User Info: Kabuto_Raiger

6 years ago#5
Amon 2 and 4...
I hate them with a passion
Amon 1 and 3 were relatively easy tho O_o!

User Info: dark_hollow

6 years ago#6

Thanks to the 2nd and 3rd reply

1st amon was quite annoying, 2nd amon i just spammed saejimas grab triangle charge up then heat, 3rd amon was literally a walk in the park, the 4th was quite difficult for me but now its done, good old trophy

User Info: JusticeSO

6 years ago#7
I ended up spamming some items for 1 Amon. Gave up at 2. After a whole day of it I didn't want to put any further effort.

I'll go back after I figure out what heats are left...

User Info: shaselai

6 years ago#8
i gave up on second amon... just too long and ridiculous. i understand the 2 tactics - throw + stomp or knee and stomp + heat actions but when i got him to 1 bar he ALWAYS flashes when got on the ground and flashes again when getting up and starts swinging whioch makes me back away and he regenerates like 1/4 of his health that way... it gets ridiculous he does it every time....

User Info: PHATJER

6 years ago#9
Seriously i found the 2nd amon to be the easiest, beat him in a minute.
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