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5 years ago#1

I've been digging around some of the sites and i've found some armor that takes dahlia points, i'm sure some people know what this already,but the extra info could be helpful to know what exactly this is for getting some wkc2 armor quicker

5 years ago#2
my friend has told me that some armors are "dahlia armors", the points are gained by doing bounty quests, and there is a $5 ticket for them. Along with armors though they are also used for georama statues. From what it seems though dahlia armors can still be made in the binding post, it just might be easier in some cases to use your dahlia.
5 years ago#3
Dahlia armor is GR 26+. You gain dahlia points with every quest you do. Dahlia is also what buys stuff from the guild. For example, the guild in Balandor now has a store, and these same items are available in your town shop too.

In the guild shop you can buy a lot of different things with dahlia. You can buy weapons and armor at different levels and these are unlocked in the shop by story progression. You can also buy items like potions. You can buy base items for binding harvestables at the binding shop.

One unique dahlia purchase that I hope makes it to the English version is in the binding shop. You can bind statues of all the enemy types in the game and place these in your town to add special stats to your town. So you can have things like a statue of an ice dragon, or the moon princess or a baselisk. Each one costs 160 dahlia I think, and on Japan PSN you can buy the whole set too on PSN via your binding shop if you don't want to spend your dahlia.

Saving dahlia toward the GR 26 armors is a good idea. You'll want at least 20,000 dahlia for that.
5 years ago#4
^ beats my explaination lol

im also hoping that the knight statues make it to the US version
5 years ago#5
small correction to the above, statues cost 100 D each, not 160, otherwise spot on though:)
5 years ago#6
how much dahlia do some of the missions give?
5 years ago#7
is there a limit to how many dahlia points you can get? or are the bounty rewards just so small that it makes sense not to spend any except for gr26+ armor since it requires 20,000?
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5 years ago#8
the limit is like 999999999. You get it from completing quests and it varies depending on the rank. By the time you hit gr26 by doing many many quests, you definitely have more than enough to get those gr26 gears. But I find those that you bind have better stats.

The jap version have dahlia up DLC tickets which is usefull for getting more dahila.
5 years ago#9
I'm not really familiar with this since I haven't played it....are you saying you can bind the same armors that you can purchase with Dahlia Points but their stats are different? Or are these armors you can only buy with Dahlia Points that are not as good as armors you can bind at the same level? In which case what's the point of using them at all for armors?
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5 years ago#10
They are different set. There is a unique set of Gr26 armor and weapon that can be exchange using dahlia. And the usual GR26 armor and weapon that you can bind which some have beter stats especially those you can bind from those blue quest.

Don't worry too much about, you will see the difference when you play the game.

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