havent played this game....yet, but I have one quick question.

#10-takuPosted 5/15/2012 11:45:53 AM
Apparently, the franchise was slated to be a trilogy. my question is, does this game end with a cliff hanger or did level5 change the plot, because of low sales from the first one, to end with this game?
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The "trilogy" consists of WKC:Origins, WKC:IE, and WKC2.

WKC2 wraps things up with Vellgander, the post game dungeon, and the Avatar quests, a batch of online quests that center around the avatar which unfortunately won't see the light of day outside of Japan.
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From: 0-taku | #001
Apparently, the franchise was slated to be a trilogy.

It never was. That was a misquote from someone. It was corrected repeatedly before WKC:IE release that it wasn't.

You could say, It was actually meant to be a single game (Level 5 was forced to release the 1st one unfinished, heck most of the IE version content was later patched into the jp version and wasn't available at launch) Considering the jp release of wkc2 is treated as such. There is actual no 2 in its title and also while with an WKC save you could skip right to the new content(if you wanted), without you had to start at the beginning of WKC.
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