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The President has been kidnapped by ninjas! Is anybody here a bad enough dude .. (Archived)MortimerBrewstr16/24/2012
Is this available in canada? (Archived)Orangatang Maddness110/23/2011
Is every game on here a rip-off of another game?! (Archived)BlueFlameBat14/15/2011
What is the difference between Express Raider and Sunset Riders? (Archived)lightgunfreak22/20/2011
What if G1M2 worked on an arcade compilation for Konami on Wii? (Archived)lightgunfreak22/20/2011
Any news on further PSN Minis and SNK Arcade Classics Volume 0 (Archived)Atariboy1982112/29/2010
Places to find Data East Arcade Classics for Wii at Retail?? (Archived)segaswirl1011/10/2010
ATTN: segaswirl (Archived)TowelFight211/10/2010
Magical Drop F is available for North American Playstation Network users (Archived)Ryu Hayabusa110/7/2010
WTB for DS.... (Archived)VideoGameBlitz29/16/2010
Data East games on other systems? (Archived)dcn242428/2/2010
Is the music in Caveman Ninja glitched? (Archived)gamer_person17/15/2010
Burnin' Rubber / Bump 'n' Jump Available for PSP and PS3 users via PSN Minis (Archived)segaswirl37/3/2010
Lock 'n' Chase coming out on PSN on June 8th!! (Archived)segaswirl96/28/2010
Come on... (Archived)MasterOtenko26/24/2010
Express Raider now available as a PSN Minis for PSP and PS3 (Archived)segaswirl16/21/2010
How To Pronounce "Data East"? (Archived)VodkaDrunkenski56/20/2010
Finally locked in my order for this one at $14 shipped. (Archived)Gucci_Mane_26/18/2010
A Question Heavy Barrel (Archived)b1gnate7846/13/2010
Any word on this for other systems? (Archived)baldwhitegit66/1/2010
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