instant air axe kick

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5 years ago#1
well for any1 who actually plays makoto heres a tip for this move. DO not follow wat other ppl are saying and hold up then do motions for axe kick. That technique is a bad habit.

DB UF DF DB B kick. Do it fast and u get it as low as possible. Adding the DF really helps cuz i usually just jump kick with out it.
Alice madness returns <3
5 years ago#2
I just do a sort of chicken wing input, basically a HCB motion starting with UF.

You don't hold up forward, you just start your input with it. You can get IA axe kicks easily this way, and It is the same thing as your input, only lacking the first DB input. (This is so much easier to explain with numpad orientation.)

You know you can do this with Gouken's tatsu as well, and Adon's jaguar kick, albeit, Adon's is only marginally more effective this way.
5 years ago#3
Yea Im not really good at this, I can do Cammy tk strike all day,

but I have trouble with this and Adon instant JK
5 years ago#4
lmao srry your right u dont need db im just so used to viper sj lol
Alice madness returns <3
5 years ago#5
Nah man, I understand completely.

Viper is so damn hard to play. It isn't even the execution for me, I can do her trials with my eyes closed, I really suck at mind games with her.....And I tend to focus too much, her focus is bad...

I give you respect for playing Mak and Viper. Both are really strong, mixup rushdown fiends.
5 years ago#6
Ive been playing viper for very long time and she has so many ways to land her ultra.

makotos kara kara on the right i cant do it like 90% of time. On the left im very gd i land it like 90% in matches. Ex oroshi Walk over x up kara kara, has range so big ppl be mind blowned lol.

Here some other things i do

The basic ex oroshi neutral jump move wiff to kara beats everything besides reversal jump or back dash. To get ppl to respect your neutral jump kara i 1st do neutral jump heavy axe kick beats DP,jump and backdash.
It gets blown up by some reversals like ex head but so u need to use her back dash safe jump mk.

Back throw shk wiff dash kara its a meaty so it has properties like abels tornado throw.
back throw dash clk wiff to medium oroshi meaty link to ultra or wat ever.

LV3 FA--->LV 2 FA-->fwd lk to medium kara, its a meaty so they have to mash or jump.(Dont use on characters with gd reversals)

LV3 FA--->LV 2 FA-->fwd lk to shk to shp its a meaty so will combo or tag them if they try to run.
Alice madness returns <3
5 years ago#7
ok i have no clue why VRYU does not do this in the corner but LV3 FA wait IAT to fukiage to ex axe kick. Works on every one. Does a lot of dmg.
Alice madness returns <3
5 years ago#8
I know and it does good dmg too.
Btw am I the only one who has problem doing that after hitting a FA vs a crouching opponent? It feels like their hitbox gets much lower.
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5 years ago#9
use medium axe kick and heavy. light axe kick wiffs a lot
Alice madness returns <3
5 years ago#10
I only use medium
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