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5 years ago#1
So i've recently finished my dead space 2 hardcore mode and got my platinum. I'm starting this topic for people who really need help with hardcore mode anyone else who's beaten hardcore mode can provide tips also. Feel free to ask any questions and I'll try to answer you. With this topics help you should beat hardcore mode with ease! Once again, other hardcore beaters can give their expert tips!
5 years ago#2
whats the best way to get through the last two chapters without getting hurt too much or killed. and what weapons would you suggest towards the final boss?
5 years ago#3
Last two chapters, you could use Force Gun to simply push past a lot of things, staying to fight in some areas is just wasting time for the Ubermorph to catch up on you. Contact Beam with fully upgraded secondary fire is a nice alternative due to auto-stasis. I did it with stasis/Line Gun secondary fire, I actually forgot about my Contact Beam throughout 14 >_>.

I used Pulse Rifle, Line Gun, Ripper, and Contact Beam for my game. PR is good, stunlock + accurate two-shot burst. Ripper is okay if you know a leaper is coming, the two just outside the door to 15 is one instance I can think of. Personally, Line Mines solved a lot of my problems as well as stasis. CB, well if I remembered it would have saved me some health, stasis and a couple of close calls lol. Managed end of 11 to end game in one go without dying after making that last save, so it shows the weapon setup works at least.

Anyway, whatever you're using, you should be able to make it through, I don't see any reason to respec a weapon unless you really think you can't keep up the pace you're going with your current weapons (I spent credits at that point on ammo, had lots of health). Good luck.
5 years ago#4
High2Low: Well, what I did was scrap my force gun at the end of chapter 14. Beforehand I suggest bringing out the contact beam at the end of chapter 13. Those are 3 weapons you'll definitely want for the last 2 chapters. Plasma cutter, force gun and contact beam. Proceed through chapter 14 with all 3. If there are enemies at close range, use the force gun. If you're surrounded, use the contact beams alt fire. But if you have a sufficient amount of med packs, just rush through it with the force gun. Same with chapter 15. If not, be cautious on chapter 15, and i would recommend killing everything with the contact beam. Be very careful and you should have no trouble. For the last boss, just spam the contact beams main fire on nicole and the marker, and if you get surrounded by shades, use alt fire. The battle will literally be over when it begun. Be careful on the last flying section. I died there once :(
5 years ago#5
High2Low: I also agree mostly with egpNoodlez techniques. A fully upgraded contact beam alt fire is a must for the stasis benefit. Another tip, if black slashers are doing there jump attack at you, use the force gun. If you use the contact beams alt fire, theres are a chance that they will get a hit in. I died from that once.
For my main game I used the PC and the FG so to determine what type of ammo i'd get. PC good all round weapon. FG crowd controller.
I played dead space ignition so I got the hacker contact beam in chapter 9 for free ( If you didn't just buy the normal version) But i put it in the safe because I still wanted PC and FG ammo. Every now and then though I'd save up a ton of nodes, and at the nearest shop and bench, I would get out the contact beam and upgrade its alt fire to the max, then put it back in the safe until chapter 14. Personally I found no use for anything else! But most of all, I suggest using weapons you're good at! If there's a weapon i've mentioned you don't like, then just use your favoured weapon. Eg, an upgraded pulse rifle is good against nicole! Tell me when you've got your platinum:)
PSN id: Eco4000
5 years ago#6
Sorry if it's a bit off topic, but well, i wanna ask about getting the handcannon. Do i have to beat hardcore mode in new game+ or just new game? cuz i think it's kinda super difficult if i have to beat hardcore mode in just new game.. which is i have to start all again from scratch. Oh yea, and i heard from some people.. that you can't play new game+ on hardcore mode. Is that true?
5 years ago#7
snake_dante444: Unfortuanetly, that is true. You can't play through hardcore on a new game+. It just adds to the challenge. However, I doubt hardcore would be any easier on new game + anyway unless you were super prepared. But a good point about beating hardcore on a normal new game is that it's very satisfying and the reward is great! If you need any help on your hardcore playthrough, just continue to use this forum and ask any questions.
PSN id:Eco4000
5 years ago#8
@PURE_DESS: Hm.. that's too bad :( well, thx anyway ^^ Btw, i just finished my first playthrough on normal. And now i'm replaying the game on normal again (new game+), cuz i still want to warm up more before heading to Zealot and Hardcore mode.. while i'm searching for new schematics that unlock new armors.. and to remember each path of the game.. so i can be ready for Hardcore mode.

Well, i currently have all weapons, stasis, and RIG fully upgraded.. have over 800k credits.. and now (in new game+), i'm already on chapter 6. And while on my way, i kicked all the ugly Necromorphs' ass SO GOOD with my fully upgraded weapons!! LOL XD let's say i wanna have fun avenging my horrible and terrible first playthrough.. which is i died so many times!! and now it's time for REVENGE!!! LOL XD

Anyway, do you think i should've just started my second playthrough on Zealot instead of normal? considering i already have all my weapons, stasis, and RIG upgraded? is Zealot much harder than Normal? and i heard that in Hardcore, your stasis is recharging on its own without using the recharge station nor the stasis pack.. is that right? well, sorry i ask too many questions XP
5 years ago#9
snake_dante44: that's probably a good idea. You can never have too much practice after all! It's good that you're trying to remember where everything is for your hardcore run. That's what I did! If you do all that, Hardcore should be a cinch.
That's what I like to hear! Necromorph ownage! It's always good to destroy necromorphs after the grief they caused you in your first playthrough, afterall, In my second run, I just went around setting fire to every necro in sight :) Enjoy the slaughter while it lasts. There'll be a bit less of that in hardcore.
1. I for one started my second run on zealot but only because I was confident that I had all the right techniques. I even beat it on a normal new game. But by all means, if you're more comfortable on normal practice on that.
2. I won't lie, Zealot is harder than normal. Two hits will probably be death. If I had full stasis, rig and weapons, I'd be ready. But once again, if you're not, that's fine. I suggest beating hardcore first so you can go through zealot with the handcannon. Great fun! And believe it or not, zealot is, in difficulty terms, harder than hardcore. Hardcore's difficulty is more survivalist than zealot, but the lack of ammo and items remains the same as on zealot.
3. Stasis recharges by itself on any difficulty. Charge speed is increased when you put a node on charge in its rig map.
Ask as many questions as you want! That's why I'm here. to answer them. If you've got any more queries about hardcore, then just ask. Good luck :)
PSN id:Eco4000
5 years ago#10
Some say do Zealot before Hard Core for the experience/planning and other say work through Hard Core first to cheese up Zealot with the Hand Cannon. Hard to say which is wiser. I'm siding with the former in the end. Without making use of the NG+ antics DS2 apparently allows (much less the DLC option for either).
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