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Hardcore Mode (Archived)Sirius345110/10 5:30AM
general discussion (Archived)blitzballer_00728/30 5:10AM
Cannot Repurchase Detonator (Archived)eatken337/7 3:13PM
Hardcore help (Archived)alch3mist16/25 5:40PM
I liked this game up until... (Archived)Cryptochid500036/20 1:17AM
mp??? (Archived)green_abobo34/16 3:04PM
I am getting an endless loop after dying in Dead Space 2. (Archived)TheLastAvatar0513/30 1:51AM
Gosh I wanna do hardcore mode but I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. (Archived)Andronicus8762/13 6:39AM
How can you dislike Dead Space 2, yet like Resident Evil 5? (Archived)AnimeKid108992/5 12:19AM
Um just got to the part where you had to stick isaacs eye... (Archived)Andronicus8762/5 12:16AM
3 hardest battles? (Archived)AflockOfHippies42/3 6:35AM
anyone still play this online? anyone just get 3 and want to co-op it with me? (Archived)Andronicus8712/3 6:33AM
Is there anything i need to wrap up in DS1 before starting? (Archived)slotlocker312/27 5:02AM
Plasma Cutter special node (Archived)Seromontis210/28/2013
Detonator DLC = early credits (Archived)ObligatoryFate39/30/2013
Help with last boss please.. spoiler alert (Archived)Squall6Cloud29/12/2013
Well that's a dissapointing thing to say. (spoliers) (Archived)Jack_of_Ire98/27/2013
Advanced Suit Vs Elite Advanced Suit Question (Archived)Jin_Oni48/1/2013
omg oxygen station game breaking glitch chapter 6!!! (Archived)dubdibudi97/5/2013
Please help, it will not let me play. It says users age is less than required! (Archived)cresentspartan26/30/2013
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