What is a good weapon to compliment the ripper?

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5 years ago#1
I was thinking about putting all my points into ripper and another gun. Won't be able to without getting to chapter 7. I'm only doing normal so I think there is a lot of leeway on what gun might be a good compliment to the ripper, which I've not tried yet.
5 years ago#2
You'll definitely want something to work better at a range, and maybe something that is good at dealing with large numbers of enemies.

The Pulse Rifle is a solid ranged weapon, and has great DPS against enemies where DPS is actually important (Usually mini-bosses). It's alt fire consumes 25 ammo to fire a grenade.

The Seeker Rifle is just a long ranged weapon with absurd ammo efficiency. It can be hard to aim, but fully upgraded, it has incredible power for relatively cheap ammo.

The Plasma Cutter is an all around long range weapon. Easy to aim, solid power. It's not as versatile as the Pulse Rifle, or as 'holy crap' as the Seeker Rifle, but it's a very easy to use and reliable weapon.

The Force Gun is useful if you're more concerned about dangerous enemy groups at close range than attacking from a range. Force Gun / Ripper is a pretty close quarters combo, and you'll have to use the Rippers alt fire to make long range shots, and that's not efficient.

I might offer some more solid advice if you tell me where you're having problems with the Ripper. Apart from long-range, the Ripper is pretty solid on it's own
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5 years ago#3
I was thinking of using maxed ripped with just a maxed something else. Was thinking on the beam, however I'm not sure if either weapon can get me past a couple of scenes where you have to long range hit someone. Keep in mind this is on normal. I wonder if the contact beam can strike at a distance?
5 years ago#4
Well, the contact beam can strike at a distance, but it's not the best weapon for it. People generally use the contact beam for the valuable ammo pickups (especially on Survival or Zealot difficulty) and it's Alt Fire, which is an incredible point blanc panic button, basically frying everything around you. The standard ranged fire of the contact beam is simply more power than you need on normal. The Seeker Rifle has most of the power of the Contact Beam (once upgraded), but a faster rate of fire, a zoom feature, and significantly more available ammo.
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4 years ago#5
I do actually like the Force Gun with The Ripper in DS2. I find the Force alt fire can handle things at a distance and the Ripper handles just about everything else. I rarely use the Ripper alt fire, usually only when I have ****tons of Ripper Blades and am short on other stuff.
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4 years ago#6
I would go with the Line Gun...I say this because it saved me numerous times and got me through hardcore. Use it for distance and the Alt Fire can take out the big enemies in literally one shot even on the hardest difficulty.

I always use the Force Gun as well...
4 years ago#7
i also like the cutter easy to use an ammo everywhere. I also tend to use flamethrower especially on the lower difficulties
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