Will I my employee level if...

#1ragingfluffballPosted 3/20/2012 10:01:20 PM
His love stat is 3 and i go through 34 floors?
(34/100 X 3 = 1.02

1 level?
is that how it works? i mean the 34 floors being divided by 100 making .34?

or will it round down to .3 multiply by 3 and end up being .9, thus not leveling up?

thanks in advance, sorry if that was confusing. i hope this board isn't dead
You've been training all your life and your only level 1?!
#2MetastasePosted 3/20/2012 11:22:43 PM
That's correct, he should LVL up just fine.

The exceptions are Satellite Cannon, Caravan, Church and the Tiger's Den itself. You need to double the floors for them, otherwise it seems the employees abilities won't LVL up.

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#3ragingfluffball(Topic Creator)Posted 3/21/2012 12:29:13 AM
one more question..

Can/how do you get more mod items in the dark clinic?
My Dark clinic's healing level is at 35 and i still don't see any more items available.

Is there no point in raising healing for the Dark Clinic?

thanks again...
You've been training all your life and your only level 1?!
#4danieljrodPosted 3/21/2012 4:57:11 AM
Please forgive me if I wrong, but you can get better mods from the Caravan in Mastery Dungeons.

The further down you go, the better chance of getting the better mods (its all random). Haven't played the game in a long time, just started from scratch a few days ago.
#5MetastasePosted 3/21/2012 12:24:36 PM
The Dark Clinic upgrades it's inventory depending on how far you are in STORY mode. While the Caravan at various dungeons do have better mods, the Dark Clinic have some essential ones, such as Changers and Containers (wich you can buy infinitely, for example u can buy all the changers the flirty nurse sells, exit and open the store again to buy more).

I dunno if lvling up it's abilities have any impact at all (maybe there's some LVL needed in order to open up the second Shadowgram on new game+, but I'm almost positive it has nothing to do with it). While we're talking about things that should have an effect and actually doesn't, be extremely careful about some SKILLS description, some are misleading while other are just downright wrong. (Ex.: Malleability, LAT and SAT damage increase that actually only works with specials, etc).

And while your chances of getting better mods improves the further u r in the dungeon, the better option for earlier farming would be to stop the caravan around LVL 11~20, SAVE at the caravan BEFORE talking to anyone and check out the Caravan inventory. If it's not selling what u want, use the Give Up option, Load and check it out again. It was a HUGE help in order to get those desperately needed mods (Energy Saver, Absorber, Demon Soul, etc).