Madame Margot?

#1RayborusPosted 5/18/2011 1:22:32 PM
So Geralt got drunk and woke up on some beach without any of his items left, and I'm told to find a Madame Margot? I'm tracking the quest now and I've looked around freaking everywhere even remotely close to the area it says she's in but I can't find her. After googling it all I found was a walkthrough that said she was also at Loredo's residence and could be talked to in order to get the guard away from the ballista. I don't recall seeing her there either so I'm wondering if there's some kind of bug that won't spawn her or something? I hope I don't have to start this stuff all over again...
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Bump... does anyone even know who or what I'm talking about?
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Go to the Inn, if you go downstairs there's a brothel and Margot lives in one of those rooms. At least that's where she was in my playthrough, I never encountered this "waking up drunk and naked" quest.
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Thanks, just discovered it myself. I had never actually noticed there was a brothel downstairs as well so I didn't even think to check it, heh.
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I'm on this same quest and I still can't find her. I've looked in both rooms upstairs and downstairs...anywhere else she could be?
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Bump. Anyone? I'm stuck right now without any gear...I could reload an older save, but I don't really want to :P
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bump. I cant find her anywhere and I am naked >.>
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Bumping again, don't want to reload an old save cuz of this....
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There is a door on the lower floor that will lead you to the brothel.
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Omnipotent_Cow posted...
There is a door on the lower floor that will lead you to the brothel.

...I can't believe I didn't find this before. I thought there were only two doors down there, but I just found the brothel door. Thanks!