Mongoose potion?

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5 years ago#1
I got the materials to make it but I have no idea how to make this potion?
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5 years ago#2
You make it like any other potion.

Do you have the special ingredient Triss mentioned?
Did you get the recipe from Triss?

If so, then hold CTRL, click meditate, click alchemy, select the recipe from the list, and then click create at the bottom.
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5 years ago#3

meditate-alchemy-create potion

5 years ago#4
Thanks while we are at it I love this game but it simply does not tell you how to do these things unless I missed it. Is there anywhere I can look at the controls? Perhaps look at what each sign does in detail etc...?
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5 years ago#5

I have the mongoose potion , but how coem I don't need ostmurk ( which I collected from the cave ) to create the potion ?

5 years ago#6
Ostmurk is just one of many different ingredients you could use to make the Mongoose potion. Endrega Embryo is another possibility when making the potion.
5 years ago#7
hatespark1234 posted...
I have the mongoose potion , but how coem I don't need ostmurk ( which I collected from the cave ) to create the potion ?

I laughed at this also. Big quest to find some item, then I realize I could have made it already, lol.
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5 years ago#8
It's also incredibly broken.

I got the diagram or whatever for the mongoose potion well before I did this quest (since I like to explore and do all side quests prior to tackling mains) and made a ton of them and everything else on my alchemy list to lighten my inventory.

If you make a mongoose potion before the quest begins, all those materials used are actually destroyed and no mongoose potions are placed in your inventory. If you attempt to make mongoose potions when you're prompted after attempting this, it's still broken. If you tried to make mongoose potions earlier, the game simply won't allow you to make any before finishing the entire ostmurk quest line.

Kind of annoying, honestly.
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