Grapeshot Bombs (Spoilers)

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5 years ago#1
I need Grapeshot Bombs to destroy the Nekker nests. Some searching says that Cedric sells them, but Cedric is kinda... dead? Anywhere else I can get them?

5 years ago#2
Is that a no? :(
5 years ago#3
How is he dead? Did you have to wait for the last moment before actually doing the quests?
5 years ago#4
He died as a part of the story, unless that was someone else and I'm misremembering.

I didn't wait until the last minute; I didn't even know about the board near the Inn until after he died.
5 years ago#5
you are screwed.
the only way to get grapeshot bombs other than Cedric is in the next act
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5 years ago#6
I see. Thanks.
5 years ago#7

You can't make them yourself?

5 years ago#8
Only after you buy the formula, which Cedric sells.

So yeah your probably out of luck.
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5 years ago#9

I remember that in the first game you could experiment on your own. Was mostly useless unless you had a cheat sheet.

5 years ago#10

Im not even sure if you can hand in the quest after the event where cedric dies.

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