Does sleeping with other women besides Triss have consequences in The Witcher 2

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Like the topic said I was wondering if there are any consequences with you having Geralt choose to sleep with other women? Please avoid spoilers if possible.


The reason I ask is in Act II after beating Ves in the tournament and talking to her afterwords, when she asks you to go back to her tent. You can choose Yes or I am taken.

Then of course their are the whores in the brothels you can sleep with an other characters during quests. Just not sure if this changes your relationship with Triss. I know it did not in the first game. Also know I can always reload a previous save.

Like I said just curious if this impacts the overall story in anyway.
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Nope, Triss doesn't care
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No, the topic never comes up in any conversations.
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As far as I know even if you romanced Shani in the first one and pissed Triss off royally she is still with you in The Witcher 2.

It will be interesting in the Third though since Yennefer was basically Geralt's soulmate, and Triss was her best friend....

Ramius2463 posted...

Witchers are completely immune to disease. Including sexually transmitted ones. They're also Sterile so no babies.
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They didn't have STDs back then. Everyone knows the government helped spread stuff like HIV
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Oh good point... Man sign me up for witcher training.

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Witchers are resistant to all kinds of diseases up to the point of immunity. Obviously the Whilte Wolf is immune to STD:s.

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I screwed that chic after having that duel with her at the base camp and no one said anything. lol

She was pretty flat, too. Oh well.
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It would be disturbing if even though Geralt is immune to the effects of diseases, he's still a carrier. So every time he sleeps with someone they get the 12 STDs he's carrying.