Poker Face help!!!!

#1vaporkillPosted 6/7/2011 7:16:29 AM
Okay so Ive beaten 2 of the dice players in the inn in flotsom, now quest says defeat the burgher at the inn. The quest objective marker is at where the three fellows are playing, so when I talk to them they say I can play better players now. I need the troll head from the trader outside of the city ,And I get this buy winning dice with him but he says when he hears I'm good enough hell play me..

Who is burgher and I cant find him in the inn . plz help
#2imthebigchiefPosted 6/7/2011 7:23:29 AM
If I remember correctly, the third guy you have to beat is the dvarven bookseller. His shop is located across from the dwarven blacksmith.
#3vaporkill(Topic Creator)Posted 6/7/2011 7:26:07 AM
thx mate,ill give it a shot..
#4anime295Posted 6/7/2011 7:46:09 AM
No, first you have to defeat 2 guys under the inn, then you can play the 3rd guy under the inn, then you go vs the book store owner, then the lobinden armor guy.