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5 years ago#1
In anticipation of the release of the Witcher 2, I think some out there would like to have a collection of saves from the first game, ready to import into the second. Perhaps there might be a website made, similar to Mass Effect saves, with easy access, but... there is no such place right now. (That I could find.) I originally had one end save for each path, but have since given that computer away--and formatted the drive, forgetting to back up game saves.

So, I figure, people could upload their end game saves and it could save us all from having to play the original (or replay, in my case) multiple times. I wouldn't mind having six end game saves. One for each path, and one for each main romantic choice. Even though Shani is, reportedly, not in the game, it should have some effect on TW2... I'm sure, between all of us, we can get a nice collection.

Obviously, we should not implicitly trust each other with these large save files. I recommend everyone scan whatever they download with their favourite virus/malware/trojan scanner.

Here is one from the Order path. I started to replay (and... buffed Geralt to make it easier), but quit before the Manor assault. All major choices have been made, though.

[ ]

Triss was chosen. Aerondight was received from the Lady. I'm not sure what little things will effect the sequel, so I'm not going to list an exhaustive choice summary.
5 years ago#2

An excellent idea. I'll upload mine as soon as I finish my current game (which should be in a few days), and link to it from this thread. So far the only decisions I've made are to go to the lab rather than fight the frightener, let Abigail live, and give Alvin to Shani. I'm planning to stay neutral as I've never done that before, but I might join the Order. Haven't really decided yet.

5 years ago#3
I look forward to seeing your character. (It might just save me and others some trouble...) I'm not sure how the little choices in TW1 will affect TW2, but we'll find out. Hell, I don't know if the character build in the first affects the second at all. Like, a couple extra talents in strength if you maxed it in the first. We shall see.

Just a note: the character I uploaded has every talent tree maxed. It's pretty unbalanced, but I wanted to fly through the game just for the save. (Saved after curing Adda.)
5 years ago#4

Just finished. Here's the link:

I ended up with the neutral path as I had initially planned. Shani was romanced, Abigail was saved, Adda was cured, Berengar was killed, and Aerondight was recieved. I doubt anything else will be relevant for TW2, if even that much. I didn't end up maxing the stats, but if someone wanted to it'd be simple enough. I wonder if the original game has to be installed to transfer saves, or if the file is enough? Hopefully the latter, for the sake of those who never played the first one.

5 years ago#5
Anyone out there willing to post their Triss end saves?
5 years ago#6

Any end game save where Geralt romanced Triss and chose a neutral path would be appreciated. Though, a save right before the fight between Order and Squirrels would also do the trick I suppose.

5 years ago#7
You mean before they fought in Chapter 4? I have one right near that after I finished Heat of the Day, i can play it up to that point and put it up.

Also have a Tris/Nonhumans end save, Abigail, Berengar, Vincent, and Adda saved w/ Aerondight,
Suddenly a ghost flew out of the shadows and killed the man.
5 years ago#8

Major Choices:
Prologue: Saved the laboratory.
Chapter 1: Saved Abigail.
Chapter 2: Successfully completed the Coleman investigation, sided with the Order in the swamp.
Chapter 3: Romanced Triss and decided to give Alvin to her, saved Thaler, cured Vincent, helped the Order in the bank robbery.
Chapter 4: Came to a peaceful resolution between the Vodyanoi and the Lakeside Village, spared Berengar, acquired the Aerondight, went the neutral path at the end of the chapter.
Chapter 5: Cured Adda, completed Raven's armour.
Epilogue: Didn't allow the King of the Wild Hunt to take Jacques, thus fighting and defeating him.

I also completed every quest (including all the trophy and board ones, even the fist fighting one and the dentist one), always going for the most peaceful resolution and acquired all the sex cards you can get going the neutral path.

The save is right after getting the Witcher secrets off of Jacques body, which is the closest thing you can get to a final save as the only thing left to do is talk to Dandelion, which then ends the game.
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5 years ago#9
Ch 4 Save before the Order/Squirrels fight:

since I helped the nonhumans in the bank heist, you can only go neutral or elves.

Triss/Scoia'tael save. On the Ice Plains before the boss, but Igni+group silver will beat it in like 3 secs. >_>

Suddenly a ghost flew out of the shadows and killed the man.
5 years ago#10
Order, Triss:

Neutral, Triss:

Scoia'tael, Triss:

Neutral, Shani:

Scoia'tael, Shani :
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