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User Info: M12Ryan

5 years ago#1
There's this monk in the corner of the Flotsam inn who rambles on about giving me a relic if I prove lucky enough. However, I beat him in dice several times, but still haven't received anything from him. Anyone know what this is about?

User Info: Damien94

5 years ago#2
Probably can't activate the quest until later. I tried the same thing.
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User Info: Saintdante

5 years ago#3
Probably something that's activated later... a message popped up when I beat him to check extras in the main menu but nothing was there.

User Info: Dizzy1976

5 years ago#4

lol...I have recieved the item from him on my second round of dice. I believe it was a pair of doubles that you need. The prize isnt anything special. In fact its just advertising. :) yep

User Info: Mikka_kippa

5 years ago#5
You just have to beat him without him resigning. Pretty much the only way to do that is without re-rolling.

User Info: AngusYoung93

5 years ago#6
It's an in-game ad for :|
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User Info: trunk8

5 years ago#7
I just beat the monk in dice this evening, and if you go to the tutorial section of the journal you have a new "Lucky!" entry (and there is a picture of the monk with the logo). It says something about a reward, and to go to "Extras" on the main menu to claim....but the only thing in my "Extras" menu are the credits...Not sure what I'm missing...
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User Info: trunk8

5 years ago#8
bump, does anyone know anything else about this?
My go-to answer is "no"

User Info: Dizzy1976

5 years ago#9

Like I said above....Its just an ad for give you a "discount" on like 10-12 games if you buy all of them for like 50$ lol

User Info: trunk8

5 years ago#10
Oh....well, that's Thanks!
My go-to answer is "no"

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