Struggling with fullscreen mode....

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5 years ago#1

Hi everyone! Thought I could ask for some help with this annoying problem:

No matter what resolution I set the game at, it never fills the whole screen and always seems to be in some sort of wide screen mode. Its quite annoying because only the middle part of my screen is used and it automatically makes any text much more smaller and unreadable.

Any Suggestions?

5 years ago#2
I get the same using 1280x1024 resolution. I think the game only works full-screen on 6:9 resolutions...
5 years ago#3
For now the only resolution is 16:9, which will be updated with a fix, hopefully soon.

5 years ago#4
Thanks, can't wait for the fix.
5 years ago#5

I can only run the game in Windowed mode. It wont run the game starts to launch, shows the wolf emblem and then just goes back to the launcher. So to play I use windowed mode and have it at the same resolution as full screen and then I just hide the Windows 7 task bar. Not elegant but I can play without issues. In the readme, they mention this is an issue but I am suprised they launched with it. AMD issue I am sure. Supposedly new drivers are on route. We will see.

5 years ago#6
No AMD issue, running it with 2x 580GTX on Win7 64 and fullscreen is never possible (16:9). Unfortunately with my native solution of 2560x1440 the frame rate is .... let's say... lacking... :-(
5 years ago#7
You can use 1280x800 resolution. This will fix your problem :)
5 years ago#8
sry my bad....1280x720 runs great :D
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  3. Struggling with fullscreen mode....

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