FAQ - Character build, Mutagen list, Ability list, Best Trophy/Armor/Weapons

#1Crimson PhantomPosted 5/21/2011 9:05:17 PM
Just breezed hard mode... here was my build and collected knowledge


Training tree 6 points (why because its mandatory... sigh)

0 Hardiness - Why because 10-50 vit is useless compared
1 Dagger Throwing - Why because a quest requires this... get 2 if you want to use quen or want to play hard/insane (throwing daggers chews most bosses down)
0 Vigor Regen - Why because its the least of the useless skills...
1 Parrying - Why because you want mutable skills, and this is a prereq... get 2 if you don't plan to ever cast quen or you want to play hard/insane
1 Arrow Redirection - Why because its mutable
2 Fortitude - Why because its mutable and one extra vigor means a lot

Leaving you with a choice to get 2 in parrying or 2 in dagger throwing

after level 7 go to

1 Synthesis
1 Spec: Pot
1 Harvester
1 Spec: Oil
2 Impreg (35% boost to 10 mutagens is what it says, in effect it doubles all mutagens)
1 Taster
1 Metathesis mutable
1 Condensation mutable
1 Beserker mutable
1 Mutant mutable
1 Amplification mutable

after level 19 go into


1 Position - Pre-req
1 Violence - Pre-req
1 Whirl - Pre-req
1 Hardy - Pre-req
1 Finesse - Pre-req
1 Invincible - mutable
1 Combat acumen - mutable
1 Whirlwind - mutable

This unlocks 10 mutations by level 28

after level 27 you can choose, dependant on your mutations choice

If you choose Critical Mutagens get 10 x 6% = 60% base critical effect + bonus from skills

2 Finesse
2 Whirlwind

and have 100%+ base chance to inflict any critical with an attack... this is the MOST powerful sword based killing tree

And you are free to take whatever from 29 on... you basically instantly kill any human and cripple any monster

If you choose Power Mutagens get 10 x 3 min and 10 x 6 max damage for 30-60 bonus damage (basically like having the best weapon in the game doubled) + bonus from skills mauling any enemy you hit with ease

2 Violence
2 Whirl
2 Percision
2 combat acumen

And you are free to take whatever from 32 on... you basically deal some INSANE damage per hit

If you choose Strength mutagens get 10 x 4 armor + 10 x 1 vitality regen for 40 base armor and 10 base vitality regen + bonus from skills... makes you basically invincible to anything

2 Tough guy
2 Invincible
2 Combat acumen

And you are free to take whatever from 31 on... you basically a walking tank that can take any beating in the game...

Sudden Death - a good skill to take with the armor build as it will allow you to kill somewhat faster
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#2Crimson Phantom(Topic Creator)Posted 5/21/2011 9:15:23 PM(edited)
Mutagen List
Vitality is +10
Critical is 3% to all (directly stacks on each other)
Power is 1-3 to sword damage
Strength is 2 armor and +1 vitality regeneration
Concentration does not come in a greater
Range is does not come in a greater
Enhancement is 5% bonus adrenaline on hit

AFTER level 2 impregnation you get... ALWAYS get impregnation BEFORE using ANY mutagens... ALWAYS

Vitality is +20
Critical is 6% to all
Power is 3-6 to sword damage
Strength is 4 armor and +1 vitality regeneration
Concentration does not come in a greater
Range is does not come in a greater
Enhancement is 10% bonus adrenaline on hit

They come in 3 levels

Always use greater... ALWAYS

Sword Enhancements
Various runes, the best of which is the +7% damage +8% bleeding one
Armor Enchancements
Unless you are a mage any +2 armor one is good... the other effects don't matter enough
If you are a mage one unique armor one gives +5 to sign damage, and the Wraps at the end of the game give +3 (both have +2 armor as well)

Best Swords seem to be the one forged from the gargoyle quest (act 3) and the silver sword found in the chest from the gargoyle quest (act 3)

Best Armor seems to be the one you can buy in Act 3
If you did the boat quests you can loot a slightly better one from a chest in the sewers and then craft it up (vayn armor or something)
Best leggings / gloves seem to be forged ones, but they don't really matter much, best leggings I found gave 3 armor, best glove 2 armor (and sometimes the Act 3 humans drop nice things!)

Best Trophy
Troll +9 damage
Arachnid thing +8 armor
One of the boss monsters +5 armor +55 vitality and + something else

Axii Sign Hex dialogue - Goes from level 1 - 3
Intimidate dialogue - Goes from level 1 - 3
Persuasion dialogue - Goes from level 1 - 3
Cover: damage reduction +10% - Unlocked by being under Triss's 'arrow to butterfly' spell and not leaving it - RIght at the start of act 1 (not the prologue) - Stays at level 1
Strong Back : +50 to capacity - You need to spare the guard captain in the prologue and then in the jail you carry him to the exit of the Dungeons of La Valettes - Stays at level 1
Conjuror : +3 sign damage - fail a axii cast, or use a lot of magic - Mine stayed at level 1, but I didn't cast spells, I assume it goes to level 3
Assassin : +25% damage when attacking from behind - Find the white cloaked body in a haystack in the town fight very early on - Stays at level 1
Haggling : -20% to cost of shops - Successfully haggle down the merchant for the problem at the docks - Stays at level 1
Strong Stomach : 10% resistance to being poisoned - make and consuming a potion in a certain act 1 boss fight) - Stays at level 1
Thrower Act 1 increases thrown weapon damage by +5 - requires dagger throwing - and then beat the guys in the 'party' quest at throwing things... I think it stays at level 1
Birdman +10% damage to harpies - Kill the harpy queen - Stays at level 1
Anatomy Lesson +10% damage to humans - Checking the bodies in act 2 with the surgical equipment and recover the metal shard - Stays at level 1
Child of the night +2 vitality regen at night - sneak through the camp undetected near the end of act 2 - Stays at level 1
Arcane Knowledge +0.5 to all sign intensity - Either part of the gargoyle quest of act 3 or from reading every book in the game - stays at level 1

not confirmed

Giant (+10% to giants, from doing the human act 2 and killing the golem)
Immolation (+10% fire resist, keep stumbling into camp fires in act 2)
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good guide
thank you
#4Zack3000Posted 5/21/2011 9:37:46 PM
Base Armor of 50 from equipment, + 40 from mutagens +55% DR increase, you can get up to 140 armor and probably more if you spec into magic to get more mutable talents. Which makes most things hit for laughable damage if any at all since barely anything hits you for 150+ in act 3. Except the act 3 boss, who can hit you for 500+ anyway.

Anyway, the best silver swords are the ones from the gargoyle quest and the one you can craft in act 3 with the dragon scale, but you need to go through Phillipe's room for it or take out the wraith. It's a minor improvement considering that you are 15 minutes away from finishing the game at that point. There is a slightly worse, damage wise, silver blade with a +25% vs giant creatures, making it probably the best sword for the act boss 3. I found it by going past the cave you use to sneak into the city at the very start on the rebel path.

Also, if you get your resist over 100%, easy with the Vran armor that has like 70% base resist and some talents, you get healed by the damage of the type taken. At least it works for fire. Also very handy for the end of act 3.
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#5Isaac_RedfieldPosted 5/21/2011 9:38:58 PM
Sword Enhancements
Various runes, the best of which is the +7% damage +8% bleeding one

Do you prefer bleeding over Incinerate? For pure damage the 7% are superior, and you get 6% more damage in a 3 socket weapon over using Fire runes, but 5% damage, 10% chance to incinerate and 10% Incinerate resistance is pretty damn nice. Incinerate is also pretty good CC, although I have no idea how much damage bleed does compared to Incinerate either.
#6Crimson Phantom(Topic Creator)Posted 5/21/2011 9:43:37 PM
We don't have any values to work for for bleeding, burning, or poison damage

I prefer raw damage over the others because I went a critical build and always did those effects anyways

if you go for the power build you will be relying on high damage and more % leads to that

if you go the defensive build you will be relying on instant kill and just beating an enemy down as such either are fine

considering only a few bosses use fire attacks it isn't really a big enough issue to take the resistance into effect, and considering how high your armor takes that rating anyways its kind of moot
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Thanks for summing up this info!

I notice that the vit regen from Strength mutagens only applies outside of combat... is this what you see as well? Guess it would hardly make any difference with this impregnation build and all the + armor though.
#8jgiddyPosted 5/21/2011 10:55:45 PM
Thanks for the great FAQ. Could you post the stats for the best Armor? I wanted to compare it to the Collectors Edition DLC armor.
#9PlanescapedPosted 5/21/2011 11:29:12 PM
David- +10% damage increase to enemies bigger then Geralt.

I got it after killing the golem in the kingslayers lair in CHP 2. I had also killed the golem in the cave near the kaedwen camp and the troll. I assume you need to kill a few large enemies to get it.
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#10iamsootyPosted 5/22/2011 12:10:42 AM(edited)
You got the information on Immolation (Pyromaniac, rather) wrong! It gives +20% Critical effect chance for immolation (modifies base chance).

Unless you're talking about a different ability?