The Eternal Battle

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5 years ago#1
I've attempted this battle about 15 times now, and I can't even get close to beating it, I can get as close as killing two of them, what is the strategy to win this? I find this battle a bit unbelievable, and I believe it unfairly punishes those who go the Sign rout in terms of character build. I'm currently playing through on hard mode, and I was beginning to believe that this game was far too easy up until this point. Practically ALL my points are in Signs so I'm pretty much fighting on nothing. What I've been trying to do is run in circles and attack when they try to swing at my, but as soon as I hit one, I get caught by another and all of a sudden I'm stunned by all of their hits and bouncing off the wall of fire behind me. It's becoming a bit infuriating, what have you guys found to be a good strategy to get through this?
5 years ago#2
Does anybody else feel like the difficulty spikes in this game stem more from clunky combat design and development blunders?
5 years ago#3
Just block their attacks and be patient. It becomes a cakewalk after that. Your vigor regen after blocking seems to be enhanced during it, and you should have like 6 vigor anyways.
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'Cause it's all so ****in' hysterical.
5 years ago#4
Are you talking about the part where you escort Saskia/Henselt to safety or the part where you actually go and relive the battle?
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5 years ago#5
The first part of the Draughr(Sp?) battle. Or from what I understand is the first part by looking at posts other people have made. I feel like as soon as I get hit, it's over due to the recoil, has anyone else had the problem of being sucked into the fire circling the fight?
5 years ago#6
if you go through the fog your not supposed to and will get killed quickly you do not need to go there
5 years ago#7
Also, why is the save point before the cut scene? I don't enjoy wading through a cutscene every time I want to retry, sometimes, it takes longer to wading through the dialogue than it does for me to die. Why gimp Gerald so much, and remove all of his abilities? Why put such a small wall of fire around the fight? This battle is a joke in comparison to the rest of the game. Is switching to normal or easy possible at any time?
5 years ago#8
I swear half of the people have me on ignore. Just block their attacks and attack when they stagger. You will have enough Vigor to block forever.
Why are you always smiling?
'Cause it's all so ****in' hysterical.
5 years ago#9
I finally got passed the first part, I found there was a tiny spot by the fire, that if you stood by, the enemies glitch out and return to the middle, allowing you to return to full health as long as you stand there. Yes, I saw the blocking thing, but I just didn't find that viable with 5 of them swinging away at a much faster speed than I.
5 years ago#10
When you block an attack they stagger back and then you hit them.
Why are you always smiling?
'Cause it's all so ****in' hysterical.

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